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  • 6.2 First Info

    Playaion - - General Discussion


    You can activate 'Shard' by inserting it into the slot and pressing <B>. - When 'Shard' is activated, the effect will be output to the weapon attached. - 'Shard' will be consumed differently depending on the type of weapon that is equipped in normal attack. However, when using a skill, it is not affected by the number of 'Shards' consumed in normal attacks. - Attack skill, recovery skill and other skills according to the number of shard is different, you can see through the skill tooltip. - It a…

  • some items in shugo game is from 6.0.

  • 12 runs kroban not a single drop. 8 runs adma drop everytime. 3 keys all small 5 runs lab drops everytime. 2 keys 1 big 3 Lok 1/3 drops. so when u have done all your runs there is no chance getting items for 1 week except u buy from shop or buy from people that will cost u at least 80kk.

  • Quote from [NICK]silverleafs: “Quote from [NICK]zorach: “Quote from Galeas: “We are in the final testings, if everything is green it shouldn't take too long anymore. ” How long is this "it shouldn't take too long anymore" going to be?Would it be like in the next 15 min or would it be in 1 hour or 2?Please give atleast a vague approximate. ” You guy's found the power cable?(at least we didn't lose our sense of humor ) ” haha i fuking died after reading that.

  • no info about hows the maintence going? Nik always did inform us about the progress and now nothing.

  • 6.0 First Info

    Playaion - - General Discussion


    with 6.0 there should be a totally reset reset of all servers after merge. what way a better start then all is equal geared? so much will change, mayby people wanna reroll other class after the balance? Aion 6.0 will be like Aion 2.0 1-80 u can do in less then 1 week.

  • people from grendal and the others have gone back to their original servers.

  • 6.0 First Info

    Playaion - - General Discussion


    In the promo video.. it did mention "war on a field again" That can only mean one thing.. Katalam is BACK.

  • my clent crashed 3 times on kaldor siege... took like 15 minute log back in so ovious i got kicked from allaince and coundlt join again to siege (Grendal) did logon my other account veretan to try Deylaa (my old server before 5.6) same happens there client crashed, even i got shift+F12 i had like totally unplayable FPS before crash. first time it has ever happened and i know people been angry in chat their client crashed just before boss dies and got no HP so seems the crashes are totally random…

  • works cleric as DPS in pvp and pve?

  • Quote from KudesnikEU: “Servers opening date 9.08 right? ” Yes after maintence, maintence can be very long 8+ hours.. depends if all goes well

  • lul.... u wont be 75 in 2 days takes weeks/months even u have 100 x 200% XP amulets.

  • Quote from Nagrio: “Quote from Playaion: “t was korean publicher about the destroyed gear but soon it will changed.. 5.8 gear dont break anymore. ” I know, that´s korean idea, i only say what mainly caused it In 5.6, only with supplements and all powerful , If i mistake, post a link where you see this info, when i look on powerbook, i see nothing about this. ” -When the enchanting process of the High Commander items fails, the item will not be destroyed and following rules apply. was only for Ab…

  • Quote from Nagrio: “Quote from Playaion: “You are right on both but all MMO is almost P2W. The only MMO i know is not p2w is FF XIV as there is only skins and mounts in shop afaik. But yeah the gamemakers need get money somehow.. its not free to run servers and maintence them. thats why they need have a shop to get something. ” Yeah all developers or publishers need money to run servers... I play many MMORPG, and i never see worst publisher than GF. Yeah, You can buy gold pack and get benefits t…

  • Quote from Nagrio: “Quote from Playaion: “People stopped playing becuse took so long level and all was OP geared so if they where away long time they had no chance getting back. ” No no.. You are totally wrong. Many ppl stopped playing this because this game start P2W too much And doesen´t matter if you play in old server or new server, P2W will be everywhere Quote from Playaion: “Broker will have no overpriced items as noone will have money to buy them anyway. ” Yeah, in broker will be almost n…

  • No clerics? we need healers to

  • trust me new servers will that not be an issiu as people will return and chance gear again as all is equal gared. So dont have to be afriad of meet 75... if 70. People stopped playing becuse took so long level and all was OP geared so if they where away long time they had no chance getting back. Now they got chance to level up again and u can do 1-65 in 1 day. Now people can rank up again with friends and be equal geared. Broker will have no overpriced items as noone will have money to buy them …

  • Will new servers have also all events currently running from start like 100% xp until 16/8 ? or will get new own events?

  • i was GG Cleric and was like 99% in instaces as dps hardly as healer some rare cases if healer DC and such. And as cleric the mana was the biggest issiu. So now i was thinking go as Bard. so can be dps or support. PVP is not my thing, if i get ganked ofc i will protect my soul to every cost if i can

  • I really hope that new servers is not crossplay with old servers, it would be so unfair geared vs ungeared in dregion, Arena etc If new servers get their own crossplay thats best And you all know how long it will takes be geared and leveled up.