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  • I never got back items/kinah from support

  • 1b kinah lol I think 70-80% people wont agree with what you propose.

  • Instead of blaming the player, why not solve many problems with one simple solution? -t0re, i dont see so "many" people streaming, especially when i need. people either keep them for themselfs or closed friends/legion. and even then, when i asked my friends the answer is "i will sell them later" ( 1 month, 2 months ... or more ) -desperation, poor people dont usually have 4b in the inventory -trubbish, your suggestion is not valid. people are not ready to risk their items even tho the value is t…

  • I got scammed twice last month, and we need to find a solution for this because it's disappointing to work 1-2 weeks or more for something ( "yay, i can finnaly aford that" ) and then get slapped in the face when someone take ur money and disconnects. 1. People on EU tend to be greedier then other servers because of the system, so please implement a trade message like "Player X wants to gift you [Storm Kirrin] - [Mount] - [499 Aion Coins]. Do you want to accept it or gift him something in retur…