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  • Quote from Divine: “1 - useless 2 - there are tradable skins from Aion shop, older patch, luna, events (check broker or aion shop) note: not all skins from shop are tradable - You can store in luna yes. (not weapons) 3 - there are transformation scrolls that are transparant (they are on broker, but you can buy them on the gold sand shop with golden ingots) ” Skins from luna ? I thought you can't craft skins from luna anymore ?

  • Quote from iSTAN: “New players are better off spamming skills w/o weaving than doing this And as @Vichel1 said, weaving like before isn't worth it on this patch, you have to adapt and weave less to get higher dps (damage PER second). Same goes for gladiator, did some tests on it and weaving every skill resulted in less DPS than weaving each 2/3 skills. Quote from Accuracy: “auto attacks are basically useless ” Well, in this gear > skill patch it might be for people who are unable to weave proper…

  • How To: Revive Aion Free To Play

    Yellowpetal - - Suggestions


    I don't think aion graphics is a problem as much as transformation system,remove it and a lot of people will come back nobody wanna be bears,tigers,penguins instead of their own characters.

  • 6.5 First Info

    Yellowpetal - - General Discussion


    Quote from Rym: “ ” What do you mean for 2 seconds switch delay ? global cooldown or something ?

  • Skins in 6.2+

    Yellowpetal - - PvE


    Quote from Applepie: “Quote from Nakhty: “Old skins may be rotated, but only in the old content, never reused as new. ” Not sure what you mean with that.Arena gear lvl55/60 was recolored and reused in 5.1 as new arena gear.... and then reused again in 6.0 yellow grade pvp gear from garrisons Not crited versions craft gear in 6.0 (both pvp and pve) will use same skin as old arena skins AP65 rank1 gear is gonna be reused in 6.0 as gear we get for exchange for pve AP 2* and AP65 Mythical (which got…

  • Hi I'm a NA player I've been reading EU forums for long time and I've got an idea about faction balancing. The solution is really simple to make people reroll to antri elyos. Just add perma pvp buff 20% attack/def to all antri elyos until antri server is balanced. Here's my explaination -Asmos wanna grow Elyos for fun but they don't want Elyos to become a threat and win over Asmos (think of The Matrix movies where Machine let human free to create Zion and destroy it when Zion become too large).S…