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  • @Galeas make suggestion to GF to remodel all current system and to free this patch from all restriction they made because its not playable at this moment people who want to play normal amount of time 2-3h a day don't have a chance in this game even if they spend money in cash shop (and mostly this ppl will buy from shop if there is actual something infront for their money -remove rng boxes). the solution is to give way to players not chance but actual real drop rate so they can farm in game and …

  • instead of making npc for exchange gear and serums and estima they run bug script . now VR rewards with script again, just make new reward and apply them like normal people, its funny how much you nerf all kinah enchants and now VR not tradable not transferring in account char ,you take all sources to farm in game and making useless shop with rng chance and you expect from us to play this ?no fkng way!!! 2 days was enough for me to quit it period!!! the new down is big and cant stop it with…


    boikovpro - - PvP


    the reason is simple there are still people that fall in their nets in shop and spend money for nothing infront and obviously GF is happy with profit , so at end there is only money (from rng or gamble) that roll here not game itself , the reality is this the future is milk everything .Just don't fall in this trap and simply don't pay & play their game

  • welcome to our world we making chaos and avoid the right way to improve the game with all possible ways and all the false statement have the job to make money out of this, and also the fun is more when more people are angry ... some like to be used some like to use at the end everyone of us have choise to play or not . be smart and you can go anywhere and do anything . but remember this all you do have a price and consequences!

  • there is no point from our complains, it is clear that GF don't care and they will not do anything about this market system that actualy will do difference from current one, making money from broken game is perfect strategy don't you think?

  • they don't understand fact that they will make people leave or they understand it and don care witch one is it ? time will show , with this system with chance to get something, put one gold pack in shop and give bonuses all the rest must be obtained in game i accept the fact we need to pay to get good game and care for servers but the shop is worst thing there is nothing actually you can buy and give you something for your money but no you get chance to get something !!! I wonder are GM pay haza…

  • best thing to do is just stop to play ,its worst patch I had see with this transform and enchanthing system over 2500 days left as a gold pack user and nothing can bring me back in this game as it is right now