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  • It is way too early for this kind of event, after all it is been just 2 months since the 6.2 started. Can you at least wait a little longer, there are still new players who have not left the game yet. Btw, is anyone have info when this event took place on the other legions? Day ONE?

  • Quote from Galeas: “GMs have nothing to do with in-game features This box from luna is giving very low amount but where did you see it said it would give 10 Millions? if there is a wrong description I can forward it but as far as I know it doesn't say anywhere that it would give 10 millions. There are several boxes with several possibilities. This one is not a box that gives 10M kinah. Of course this topic has been raised already on forums and I made a suggestion to replace this box with somethi…

  • GF logic : why bother to hire a QA when our best intern can test it, if he have free time. Joke aside, the last few weeks the quality of your IT team have dropped from near 0 to -100. Tons of custom bugs, normal bugs, events bugs, cash shop bugs ..... It is like : "Just release it, we can always check the feedback on forum to see if it works". In any normal company the workflow is : change to DEV environment and it is test by the dev team, then go on QA environment and it is test by QA team, the…

  • 6.2 First Info

    Niskaru - - General Discussion


    Quote from PapaSchultz: “KR 1contract=1€ GF 1€=20 aion coins (50€ => 1000AC) GF 1contract = 49 aion coins = 2.5 € with 95% chance white or green contract that are absolutely useless, gold is the strictly minimum to play in normal conditions ” What is the price in NA ?

  • Manastones

    Niskaru - - General Discussion


    The lack of manastones will be a huge problem in near future, but it is neglected because people are focused on kinah, enchanting and transformation contracts issues and most of us are still having yellow and purple gear - yellow is not worth socketing, and for the purple one level 60 or 70 stones will do and those are cheap, but when we get read gear (end game gear) everyone will go for lvl 80 stones and there are almost none on broker even now. @Galeas are they any plans to include manastones …

  • narakalli last boss disapear bug

    Niskaru - - PvE


    There are a lot of bugs with that boss: 1. reset without reason when HP is around 25% 2. got agro from the add (that soul ghost) when all are dead and the door stay closed 3. it disappear and door stay closed Maybe there are more.

  • Goodbye Garden(Bonus).

  • Got 1 meat after many many many many many + more many^1000 trying and got useless garbage skin hat that cost 200 K on broker. How can this be even called an event? We have 0.1 % chance to get a reward box and then we have 0.001 % for something good in the box. Events like this just adds more lines in my "why I should leave Aion" list.

  • Is it just me or this is the same solution that we get after the luna nurf - chance for APES drop in Nara, when just a few people were able to go there? Now I need 12.7 KK per week just to buy the transformation contract and this 0.5 KK per Mirash run - the most boring and useless instance will not help a lot. Prometun’s Workshop - with ancient gear - good luck with that! I am sure that within 3 or 6 months all 10 people that are still playing the game will eventually get a decent solution with …

  • Well people asked for additional source for enchanted stones and GameForged have provided it in their own strange way.


    Niskaru - - PvP


    Used 12 ancient and 43 legendary stones (all I had from my APES exchange) on my legendary PVE belt just to test the rates. Ancient stones for level below +3 and legendary above. Was able to reach +8 4 times and now I am a proud owner of belt on +7. The enchant rate is a total joke. For example my personal record is failed 3 times per a row on ancient ring with ancient stones from +0 to +1. I have no idea how is that even possible. Did anyone even manage to make legendary gear on +15 so far, by o…

  • Quote from Hakurin: “9f490ce8bbf285bb61d25f3a86be6e0a.png Friend of a friend of a.... (you get the idea). This is out of 100 bundles apparently so I guess you get more than 1 thing per bundle. This would've been a pretty nice deal I guess if you didn't include the nyerking Kaisinel form. You do realise how gamebreaking this is right? ” Is this correct? Can someone who bought it confirm the rate please? From what I see the Kaisinel drop rate from this bundle is 14 %.

  • Duplicated Daevanation Skills

    Niskaru - - General Discussion


    Got 5 Ancient Skill Boxes from GoK - always the same skill.

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Niskaru - - General Discussion


    I still have my scrolls from the healing camp event and I can use them with the transformation. I saw a lot of people doing the same. Aren't all scrolls supposed to be deleted ? @Galeas

  • Quote from Parra: “Quote from Niskaru: “. ” It looks more like they ripping us off then thinking about us players ,same thing with this Deavanion skill chest costs 200 gold bars! omg! if you buy one, stop buying this thing again with 200 Goldbars you can get the same skill again? they should not making this a random skill but a follow up skill that you not have allready!!! this chest drops for nothing in instances ,the price is way overpriced! it should be max 50Gold Bars Max even then i have my…

  • 4 K Aion coins - got 0 Ancient(yellow) transformation + all attempts to combine green have failed (used 6 to have "better" chance). This rate is insane and it is not just me, just check on youtube, for 2 K coins most people got 1 or 2 ancient(yellow). How much it will cost me to get 1 random purple transformation? 1000 $ or even more? Did anyone even manage to get purple transformation yet and if yes, then how much it cost? 100 $ for purple transformation of your choice is p2w, but 1000 $ for a …

  • This is just wrong. You can't announce something like that, make people spend a lot of kinah and money and then just say: "Sorry, we just copy/paste the exchange rate from Korea and no one even bother to check it for a whole week". This time you really did it. I wonder what will come next? Is the kinah/goldbar exchange rate will stay the same? Can some one please translate to me what that means : As a counterpart, we will make sure that all Holy Upgrade Serums and All Powerful Enchantment Stones…

  • 1000 scrolls for 3 legendary transformation potion is way too low exchange rate - worst deal ever. How did you even come up with this idea? Copy/paste from other region? I understand that GameForge is planning to turn this new transformation system into their main source of money and it does not wont to give us chance to play for free for months, but can we at least have an option to get Ancient instead of Legendary transformation potion in rate of 50 per 1000 scrolls? That will be way better - …

  • Can someone who have experience with stats rerolling share some info with us please ! I watch some videos, but most people were ok to get 3 out of 4 stats with random values and none used quna(luna) to keep the stat. The stat rerolling on gear is my main p2w concern. We will get purple transformations soon or later from events, veteran rewards or just luck, and we will enchant our gear to +15 eventually, but this stats rerolling is looking so random that it may take years(or few hundreds $) per …