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  • Thank you for the dyes! And the towel skin

  • Quote from Mitsi: “Quote from Quon: “Too bad we don't play on the same server, I feel we could have a fruitful cooperation in that regard. I have a bunch of hats and pirate weapons I don't even want to look at :/” got the same here, got shitloads of hats i dont use, but i dont wanna throw them away either since i paid for it ._. AND THEYR TAKING MY WH SPACE QQ wtb seperate WH for just skins ._. that would be the greatest thing EVER considering i have shitloads of skins xD” If only you could trad…

  • Quote from Quon: “Well, the way things are going, they are probably working hard to figure out what stupid head accessory to pair it with so they can sell the bundle for 289 coins ETA oh woops there are indeed head accessories for each. Who knew.” Speaking of which, I like the head accessory + "main" skin bundle they got going on atm, but I also wish they would add the hat skins separately. I've already gotten desperate enough once to buy a whole bundle for just the hat and now the dress is just…

  • I guess after last week's high we had to have a low, a very sad and depressing low. But tbh, I'm ok with that because I might have spent all my coins already and I need to save money, so keep on adding old skins!

  • FINALLY! Raindeer horns! Also the dresses I've been waiting for! I can now die happy. Thank you.

  • For reals. I love you Mookie.

  • Quote from [GF] Mookie: “Quote: “ I'm just wondering why we only get 1 new skin per week, so many new 4.7 skins to add still :< ” Would you prefer every week something new to be exited or a one time update at the beginning of the content which has every costume and after that its boring until new stuff comes out? I prefer to be exited every week if something new comes. :D” I would prefer to have them while I have money to spend on the shop :p I get the idea but I wouldn't get bored, there's stil…

  • The Padma skins have the purple glow, Mastarius idk. I'm just wondering why we only get 1 new skin per week, so many new 4.7 skins to add still :<

  • Quote from Quon: “@Mookie now that we have the absolutely essential Romantic Purple dye, maybe you can also consider more colours, such as mustard and gray violet, or actually all colours. Please sell all colours. Thank you.” Yes pleeeeeaaaase. I've been waiting so long for pastel dyes now

  • Quote from Miie: “And I wonder if from the bundle you get randomly attack or MB feather or if you can chose ...... :v Bah, so sad!” It's random. Bought 1 for my cleric (I'm part of the problem, yay!) and got an Attack feather, thanx Rngesus!

  • I loveeee that there's new skins almost weekly now! Keep it up! Also, it's already been requested but I will request them again: 6210083_BCM_Thumb_Lg.png Pointy Horn Headgear (please please please ) 6301027_BCM_Thumb_Lg.png Cute Hair Bow 6301029_BCM_Thumb_Lg.png Dotty Hair Bow 6301031_BCM_Thumb_Lg.png Stripey Hair Bow 6406004_BCM_Thumb_Lg.jpg Excotic Wedding Veil

  • Quote from Tessy: “Quote from nabi: “Yessss, thanks for the skins! But I'm wondering... where did the packaging/wrapping scrolls go? Did I miss some update? I can't find them in shop :(” they took em off =_="” Ahh, like I thought. But why?! D:

  • Yessss, thanks for the skins! But I'm wondering... where did the packaging/wrapping scrolls go? Did I miss some update? I can't find them in shop

  • I'm pretty sure they are tradeable tho, at least I saw one at broker (for like 119mill tho lol).

  • Quote from Evita: “hillarious baby dredg, joined on my baby chanter legion mate on his cleric, that's what we ended up with... ” Omg lol! I had a similar experience some time ago on my chant chainchains_zps5c629c63.jpg Randoms but still funny! And sorry about that dodge, I didn't take a better screen :F

  • Quote from Haruna: “Quote from [NICK]decemberish: “Last train was a payback for Hug train at beginning and it was only 1 train.” 1) ur team make 7 trains on last dred...Not 1... Not 2... 7 ! 2) Hug dont make trains - after we kill ur team on mid area and start die from ur train - hug take x3/x4 mobs from ur train to bring them back to you...Its bee ur second or third train on this dred Last Dred vs ur team u make train and I specifically start watch the trains in this Dred Quote: “"Already 2 tim…

  • Quote from Haruna: “ Peren - Already 2 times this pt like trains epic much trans / from my party only shone and hug - bcs all already bee on dreds or offline we take low lv...but stil asmo train>train>train.....Zzzzz” "Already 2 times this pt"'??? Uhm. I'm sure you've met several of my teammembers before, but I can't recall a single Dred facing you, and I really think I'd remember that as you guys made me feel like melted butter! Lol Ain't gonna insult your memory but are you sure you're not get…

  • Quote from [NICK]tabooo1: “Thanks for Choo-Choo right from start, with all possible DP u found in ur skill list, this is what u get:” "omg that kids too many +15 gear omg where si your life ?" loling badly at that whole comment. Good gear = fat no life kid, nice logic.

  • Quote from [NICK]dawen: “Ladies and gents, the "Choo Choo Champions" of Anuhart (as if they needed any introduction) aion0039il.jpg I'm starting to think that's some sort of server bug or illness, or just Anu's dred style, since this topic is riddled with mentions of choo-choo'ers from it.” Man those trains was bad. Not bad as in "we wiped because of the amount of mobs" but bad as in badly done trains. Although I totally jinxed it once when I said "wow they're such amazing trainers god help us 2…

  • Aaah I have a few, but the first one that comes up is from grinding Mist Manes with old friends of mine. This is years ago, but I remember one scene quite clearly: Our chanter went afk, but as she went afk she somehow hit the autorun button and she autorun'd into a bunch of mobs. We were dying of laughter on TeamSpeak, I laughed so much I fell off my chair XD Good times.