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  • Hello I’m Sparx

    aionking - - Introductions


    Sorry but I ask here because I don’t find the section with legions , how I can change my legion picture ? Nothing works I make and in paint 256x256 still nothing , any advise ?

  • 6.0 First Info

    aionking - - General Discussion


    Sorry to say but yo delete some maps is not bad but the best pvp was in underground on the stairs and in the EYE maybe is nice to get and some maps that implement the lvl up togheter with pvp but to put the condition 25 lvl zone can fight only with 25 lvl not 25 -75 try to make new players to learn the pvp till they make 75 cap lvl . Activate the underground again that is my hope

  • And one more for Halloween you put 400% xp boost why you didn’t do the same and for Christmas in my opinion is. More important this day than one American day celebration maybe we want to much to have free thinks but for Christmas you can give something . The bonus of 45% for Aion coins is for you to make money but for us ? I pay 50€ and what get ...8 holy upgrade serum ? Really ? Ok you give me like more Aion coins for more shugo game tokens ( for me ) but I think you reduce the success of arriv…

  • Well don’t mind anyway I play 70 shugo game tokens and what you think ? One time make it lvl 8 and get 8 serums but something else didn’t get , I open more than 1000 snow flakes and I make 11 +10 ok now tell me this is event ? What is the drop rate ? From now maybe is better to have % of drop of events and yes maybe one little gift wasn’t so much for them but well this is Aion game play if you want or leave nobody force you stay . From all the Christmas this is the ... event in my opinion . Or y…

  • Hello I’m Sparx

    aionking - - Introductions


    Maybe is not good to ask here but who know how I can manage to craft the mount from magical craft (200lvl) I have everything but still miss the stone that I didn’t find it , look on google and YouTube still no result

  • And 20 apes and 40 holy upgrade serums ? Because 100 % xp boost is not a gift for Christmas is a joke sorry but for one day like Halloween you put more than the Christmas days ? Is normally ?

  • Well Galeas told like this , the Shugo will be the same like the first and Didnt was like this lies you nerf it maximum at least the last days drop 1 key and many times no map to have a better chance so good luck and I want to see what will be the next event but 2-3 more like this and again 100 players change the game . Galeas pls tell us if you see all the day here we speak we ask we say opinions this doesn’t count for the big boss ? And pls tell me what is your opinion about the game at this t…

  • Well a gg solution will be like this give. 10 apes each month by making pink quest when you want and have time , let and the hero test for the one who play more and invest time and let us be happy all togheter or make them treadable maybe many of them will sell and the price will Low a bit , you have many solution but keep in mind the next year will come with new games and people will leave more if you don’t make better improve ( sorry for a bit leave the subject )

  • They will never do it , and by the way if I miss the days that give apes well I have to wait next month maybe my boss will say work til 2 because you have to go home and play Aion to make fast here test ... if you want at least put all togheter in quest and give free time to everyone when to make it , you almoust force me to play or maybe to give up my work for apes . If you want solution there are many but better don’t ask anyway nobody care about . We have to play this game for fun and to rela…

  • Well a lot of runs and nothing just Luna and ap plus spinel , I will make a video of opening all the chest on gold and I will link what I got but anyway the drop is nerfed and you can see that they touch it because now we have the bug with estima from gold . When you open gold big box write that you got 2 and receive only one , what you want more ?to bad on weekend I will try to post the video I still have to collect keys togheter with my friend and something else , game force want to make money…

  • Well till now was 450 % 400 from event and 50 the normally one now let we see they will make 400 total ? I want to say that 50 % plus for a week counts

  • Maintenance

    aionking - - Help & Questions


    How long will be ? Cmon you don’t make tomorrow but you make today ?

  • Maybe some one from the game force can tell us because the discription of the event well we may understand what we like and they will give what they say

  • Ok is a gg event because of 400% xp at least don’t be mean is ok but is for one day or 1 week ? And another thing make 30% to Aion Co is and see everyone will spend at least 10 euro to buy some scrolls for kumuki and for event

  • Well is not so bad the event , I don’t protect them I am sad too but the event is nice 3x shugo and after this chose what you like with what drop you want . Now is the change that everyone make the set of spinel and use the skills agains p2w players . like this the event is op for new players and if you have more chars you can make it if no pay . But for sure they will never do it like offer plus 20 set of spinel and that is all .the problem is that now is easy , before you was farming for a set…

  • Ok he just confirmed that the reward will be the same like was in the first week so I trust him/she and we don’t die this week so wait all next week and see how it will be but for sure if people will not have drop and we will have the rewards split for all weeks togheter than is a problem (big nerf ) sorry my English

  • Galeas at least pls info us if you want . I know like this , when a German people make something everything is calculated and for sure he knows what he do before it start , they don’t lie and they are correct ( Aion = Germania )

  • I want to know something and I ask before , if we all vote first shugo and for sure that we will vote you will keep the rewards that we take it when it was ? Will be the same or is other ? Please if I can have this answer at least to not cry everyone after about nerf again the event

  • And another question if don’t ask to much , if we will all vote the first shugo , the rewards will be the same like was or lower in that 2 weeks that will come ?

  • Galeas sorry to ask maybe I am idiot don’t know mats but how is that in the first we have more drop and in this we have less but the reward are all togheter ? Can you explain ? If we split 60% we split in 3x20 not in 50 and 2x5 but maybe I didn’t understand please ...