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    Quote from Lyah: “Quote from Axolotl: “Not exactly, since all players will get the new gear, at the end you will deal the same damage as before. You will only deal more damage to players who still have the old gear. So, the question is still the same as before , and the answer is the same as well. ” btw like i said if they increase magic boost cap it's more for pve stuff, trust me. And for pvp, well it is only a cap, you can go when money can brings you, if you have more then 6k mb and a noob ha…

  • Short story: I was thinking abou coming back to Aion. Oh the husstle. I think im still lvl 72 or something. Need a few years long vocation from real life or can i start having fun right away? So i started from forums and found that good old Aion forum full of complaints about events n stuff... this made me write a long story. As i am looking on this from fresh angle atm. LONG STORY: AION: What a wonderful game. Its like a first love for many people. I can go and play tons of other games but at s…