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  • 6.0 First Info

    Sinya93 - - General Discussion


    Quote from failboat: “Localization is more than translation. Localization implies matching translation with the existing one, adding or changing voices and sounds, changing or adapting the extra quests we have, changing npc rewards if necessary for our regions, adding extra npc if necesarry (like in NA) and so on. There's lots of work. But how can they work on translation alone when their own product is not done yet and still working on it? This is how marketing works, first they announce someth…

  • Noone is saying game was balanced. What they did instead was to make it more unbalanced by adding more classes and changing skills to the worst. The game was pretty much simple back in the days and that was fun, it was enjoyable.

  • Yea, when the game was better than the crap we have now... I really miss old aion.

  • It was one of the reasons, not the only one lol. There were way too many unbalances but not like now. Game was just different.

  • Reflect stigma or should I say, wintry armor, was implemented in 2.0 when sins and glads gave no chance in battle vs sorcs. Read my second post to understand why I didnt do a complete explanation on features that every update had. As a matter of fact, old players or better, veterans, dont need a full explanation when they knew exactly how it was.

  • There would be no reason for me to post private server scenes when things there were never right or "fixed" as it should be. Most of the players in the video are known.

  • Well I somehow knew you guys would say that but I didnt do a complete brief of pvp changes through the updates because then the video would take more time to get done and I just wanted to show just small parts of each update like how pvp went from slow to way more fast paced, how maps kept changing due to level increase, how new classes were being added and showing influence in pvp, how everyone has their characters looking like dolls or lolitas by using candies after candies making their charac…

  • So after checking recent news about 6.0, I've decided to make a video showing every pvp scene of each update until now so that we can have a better clearance about how the game went on its long run.