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  • Hi, At the momment for casual players this game is unplayable. Pls dont focus on nolifers and billioner boys. THX. And why unplayable: No pvp legendary stones in the game, in the broker, and the cash shop price is insane and also RNG. Dropprate is low: 5/2 mob empty it is a joke. Craft materials price (mallebility stones and keberiums) is insane in the broker for this low critical crafting rate (cuz dropprate is low). Instance dropp RNG is another joke. Prometh Makarna. Atleast 1 ulti dropp for …

  • Quote from twardy: “Quote from Vichel1: “I don't have the time to run 50 Naras a week on 10 alts... ” Unfortunately this game is not for casuals. To max your gear/stigmas/deavonian skills you have to play a lot or have deep pockets. ” Totally agree with you. To earn something in this game is very hard and you need to play for it a terrible amount of time. There are a lot of good content in this game, but for casuals (as for me) its like to be unavailable.

  • Quote from Senpai: “Quote from [NICK]xkoma007x: “Anyone know how much ancient craft needs to one ulti crit ? ” It is RNG-based. I have had procs fail over 10 times in a row and sometimes proc succesfully multiple times in a row. ” That is mean. If i am unlucky with enchanting pvp gear , and also unlucky in crafting, i have never get pvp set ?

  • Anyone know how much ancient craft needs to one ulti crit ?

  • 10 run with the same team and only 1 ultimate.....

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Sjaakjuh: “Why would I want another character up to level 80 if the game not even allows me to gear up 1 character in the first place (some long term goals apperently). Secondly. Do we even have the Treasure island of courage instance? I haven't seen it at all and questions about this have been unanswered. ” The fact that you don't want to do something doesn't mean everyone feels the same way Treasure Island is not working with 6.2 for now. I think NC is currently …

  • Quote from Galeas: “That's why there will be more opportunities to get contracts with events very soon also. ” 4 month playing participated all event, and some promo too. Only 1 Ancient transform and i lucky one cuz it fill for my main cast and i opened it not from fusion. When i got legendary transform? Never?

  • Thats why box system was better everyone got own loot from the instances.

  • Quote from Desperation: “Still from my exp world mobs drop less crit+58 manastones than parry/block/mp/defence. Obviously chances of all needed items are nerfed, just try to farm more than just 1k mobs - try 50k - and more than 3 nara shugos - try 30+. ” You can farm a lot if you dont have lucky you wont get the skill. Only luck what you need in 6.0 nothing else. 4 month playing only 1 daeva skill cuz of duplicates, 1 ancient transform on my main, and only two part from PW. And i dont mention th…

  • Quote from Rym: “Quote from [NICK]xkoma007x: “Hi, I bought the 125 safe Coin contracts box and i got only 1 transfromation contract. Is it a bug? ” The drop is intended. The box only drops 1 Special Transformation Contract. ” I got the simple Transformation Contract, not the special. Btw box's description is: Contains Transformation Contracts.

  • Hi, I bought the 125 safe Coin contracts box and i got only 1 transfromation contract. Is it a bug?

  • Less RNG item pls in the shop! 4 month playing and dont have a single ancient contract from the shop.

  • Quote from Galeas: “The end of the year is coming close and we would like to give you an update on those two crucial topics. Even though we have put a lot of efforts in it and we are closer than ever before, we won’t be able to release the new Hero Trials this year. We want to make sure that we have a stable version before we go live with it (which is not the case yet). Now we are looking at January and hope we can make it happen then. We will use this extra time we have to also already adjust s…

  • It's working, got 5 key this week (hope i dont very lucky). You need to loot everything not only bosses in the instances. Btw it is not enough for obtain something from shugobot, cuz always got 1 safetoken.

  • tower of challange

    [NICK]xkoma007x - - PvE


    Hello All, What kind of gear need for on TOC lvl 10?

  • Week from Week RNG boxes.... But new one with 17 possible rewards is "the best."

  • 1. Progression: Without enchantment stone we stucked on ancient+legendary gear. Not enough kinah, stigma enchantment stones etc and with this RNG it a never ending story. We need a safe but slower progression way. EX: If you got 30 legendary stone you can upgrade to +15 your item part (16 part 480 legendary stone), or you can choose the risky way. 2. Cross server: Realy need it. Crosserver had a lot of chance that playerbase whoes cant go with premades. 3. Events: If you affraid exploiting event…

  • As always we cant enjoy a whole update cuz GF not like to we enjoy the whole game. Nerfed dropp rate, expensive cash shop without pvp enchantment stone (only rng one) and rewardless events. Dont see the why behind this but i dont think without 100 players someone invest more than 5000 euro to this game. But 50 pvp kill will be very intersting in ancient and legendary gear vs a full ultimate enemy.

  • It is very expensive promo cuz 150 key is around 200 euro....

  • Maybe this is RNG too XD. Next week you can got an ultimate Mace or Shield too.