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  • Enchanting system

    Famoustech - - General Discussion


    Quote from Nimsi: “this is not RNG , before the patch where they "fix" the personal shop i made 5 items +15 after that patch i cannot make a single item +15 so ***** this RNG s*** ! ” Congrats, but that's the system and even though I also have bad luck I'm quite happy with the way it is, in 6.5 enchantment rates are increased anyway, if you get that triggered which clearly you do, save your stones for early next year.

  • Quote from twardy: “Bots were always in this game. In the 4.x I remember doing all my officer quests on them (yup they were running even with 3star). They dont care. ” You're right but they should, since 6.2 the entirety of the game for the majority of players, especially non-wallet warriors, is mob farming for crafted gear and having a somewhat healthy economy.

  • Quote from Rym: “I'm surprised you completely dodged the issue at hand which is broker sniper bots. ” No bots are acceptable but attempting to trade items via the broker if that's what you mean isn't intended and being sniped is a risk they're taking.

  • It's been a while since Aion 6.2 A New Dawn of Bots hit EU, what did Gameforge do about it? nothing, they did not address the issue, or come up with any countermeasures. All I see is people outside Lakrum sliding across the floor like they're Michael Jackson. Reporting bots as a countermeasure is not a countermeasure, I tried for two weeks to report every bot I could find, considering I was farming I reported a dozen across 2-weeks. With your several day response time being, there were quickly n…

  • Interesting, would love to hear an official statement on this from Gameforge if this actually happened. XD

  • You already get 20 per day, if you use them wisely/with groups and don't attempt to do all instances in the first quarter of the week you will be fine.

  • Quote from Balthazar: “@Galeas Could you PLEASE BEFORE YOU GO ON WEEKEND fix the matter with charging stations and the bombs? They barely spawn and the bombs are not enough can you please increase the amount we receive or add more spawn locations ,cause that statement "all over atreia" so false beyond belief,again before the weekend..just needs small fix.. @Galeas ” I'm fine with the way stations/bombs work.

  • @Galeas decision makers, thanks for removing Gold Pack restrictions with absolutely zero plans in-place to stop botting, really, truly from the bottom of my heart thank you, especially after preaching about Gold Packs being in-place as a counter measure against botting in past Daeva Tavern videos.

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Alibi: “@Galeas can you tell us if there's anything planned for this week's maint regarding any of these topics? ” It will be added to t(he maintenance info if that's the case.Quote from NoaimDeyla: “@Galeas Aside from the fact that you clearly skipped on some topics there, make it an official statement somewhere then, or make someone else do it for you i dont know, anything at all would be better than nothing. At this very moment everything people are seeing is yo…

  • Normally I've never been too involved in the discussion of patch changes, this feels like the first time I want to contribute my feedback. I think the transformation contract addition to end-game content is good enough especially since they reacted on feedback so fast, we'll see how they're distributed soon enough. Changes to the Kinah selling values to me seem a little absurd, as others have said, a lot in this patch drains your Kinah, reducing it by 4x is way too much, especially considering I…

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Famoustech - - General Discussion


    In Arena of Discipline there is a button in the corner of the inventory that leads to the KR Luna Shop, I'm unaware if this is in other instanced zones as I didn't check, see the spoiler below for a visual example. (Hidden Content)

  • Due to 6.2 being such a big update, a new server makes sense, however I don't think one should be added because there are already too many servers in Aion, multiple dead servers already exist. Same thing will happen with 6.2, the attraction for Aion 6.2 is great but it's not gonna bring enough to populate a server and keep it healthy.

  • Tiamaranta eye - Permanent

    Famoustech - - Suggestions


    I personally don't want to see the Tia's Eye event again, it's very rewarding however due to this fact it forces you to grind endlessly, though it was necessary for returning players and people preparing for 6.2, myself included. Bringing something similar in the form of an event closer to the release of 6.2 would be great however, I know some didn't complete their sets or have just returned a little late.

  • Famous Randoms

    Famoustech - - Antriksha


    Anyone from Famous Randoms lurking on the forums? referring to the ones who migrated to Grendal before the merge. Yukinamida/Life, hit me up!

  • Introduction: Andarys

    Famoustech - - Introductions


    Quote from Andarys: “Its absolutely fine to be unhappy with my job here in the EN board. I started, was around for a couple of weeks, then went on vacation and basically left right after that, so I can totally understand if you guys do not feel like I did a good job. This is due to circumstances, yes, but still: in the end, you didn´t see much of me here on this board - and that does not leave the best impression. I am not happy with this either, but it can´t be helped I´m afraid. And yes, I won…

  • As the title suggests, it would be cool to see a tab implemented where we can save our Power of Creation builds, since for PvE / PvP they can be completely different, same goes for when fighting different opponents. You could even implement a very basic "preset" feature, which would by default put points into the relevant place, for magic classes, knowledge, physical classes, power, this would also be a great way to introduce the CP system to beginners with a brief explanation.

  • Quote from Ashandarey: “Quote from Kelekelio: “Quote from Ashandarey: “Just ignore him. His goal is to irritate us even more ” so whoever doesnt share your opinion is a troll. nice logic there or lack of it. ” No mate. I am not always right. This is a discussion and everyone is free to share his own opinion. Its the way that he is communicating and saying how 99% of the people are wrong without any constructive feedback and reasons why. Just seeing the things from his own perspective is always w…

  • Quote from Pericol: “Quote from Kadex: “not sure if u are familiar with this game, but its called broker ” maybe u are not familiar with that prices on broker ” 50-60KK each, of course price fluctuates and they are occasionally bought out, but it's affordable.

  • Quote from Ashandarey: “Quote from Mechadux: “You're welcome, but honestly if that 1% doesn't actually post anything constructive in a 70+ page thread and Gameforge actually sift through this thread, we're nyerked. ” And you are constructive ? ” Sharing my own experience with the Luna system? posting a suggestion with it? how can I be more constructive than that? and people wonder why I'm a first time poster, this community amazes me.

  • Quote from KenjiWen: “Quote from Mechadux: “You're welcome, but honestly if that 1% doesn't actually post anything constructive in a 70+ page thread and Gameforge actually sift through this thread, we're nyerked. ” Here something that is not a false assumption but a fact - your ego and your sense of self-importance are quite stunning but so far quite undeserved. I'm not questioning your experience, just stating that in order to argue something to be valid statistically, it has to be based on mor…