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  • Well Click, the question is if he creates a conflict, then will he be able to choose a server. The correct answer to that is - logically - yes.

  • Senpai, what will happen if a lot of people from a server (let's say like 80-100 ppl with like 200-300 accounts) make a conflict character (for example antri elyos people create a grendal asmo) and the majority of them wants to use the 'transfer becasue of conflict' to move all those elyos chars to a single target server (let's say deyla). Can people trust that all their characters (maybe even more accounts) will be transfered? Even if the result is a very well populated and very faction inbalan…

  • Feedback to the Game Designer: quit your job and try something else.

  • As if I was reading about Guild Wars 1. Too bad that they could not continue the same game experience with GW2.

  • The point is to keep the server economies separated. Prices and values on different servers vary a lot. Ofc this is a problem with a server merge also (how many people created chars on other servers before the last merge just to check broker prices so they can prepare?). Imho, an unrestricted transfer would be easy to exploit. Ofc it depends on the transfer ticket price. But to buy gold packs/serums/APES on one server and sell it with 50-60% profit on others is definitely worth if you can invest…

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

    [NICK]subas1111 - - Suggestions


    At the last merge, players were able to move to any server they wanted. All the had to do is create a faction conflict on their account. That's how the governor/commanders lost their rank on antriksha elyos side. The reason behind the restrictions i mentioned is to discourage people to move to other servers for economic/easy rank reasons. Currently, all the economy is tied to a faction/server. By allowing transfers with unlimited kinah/items, that will be messed up, big time. I did not say trans…

  • As i wrote on the merge topic: transfers should be available, with a serious kinah/item/HP transfer limitation.

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

    [NICK]subas1111 - - Suggestions


    Whatever the solution is, i hope they don't allow the same thing as last time: to create a conflicting character and move your main to whatever server you wish. To be honest, i think if they still want to stick to the "fresh start" marketing phrase they made up when they started the new servers, the only logical thing would be to merge the 4 new servers together. I think most of the people voting for option 2 are only doing that in the hope to transfer their characters to another servers (and be…

  • Invasion Esterra

    [NICK]subas1111 - - General Discussion


    Same on Antriksha

  • I would say it's pretty urgent to investigate as there are pumpkins in Rift of Oblivion, which is a daily instance, so ppl will loose those because of not getting candy bombs. And without those, most ppl will not get 20 pumpkins for sure.

  • Same thing: no candy bombs on main char yesterday, and it's the same today. Logged off, restarted client, restarted PC. Any suggestions apart from that?

  • Wow, just reading that you still plan on Narakali and Museum. Ty, you can keep those APES.

  • So, still the same as before: working on it. This time at least it was implied that there is a plan. However, not a single word on what that plan might be. Tbh, as I expected.

  • I don't know if it would help you, but the NPC won't sell the conditioning/augmenting item if you already have one in your inventory/pets. I was wondering about this for some time too, and when I put all those conditioning items in my warehouse (i had them in a pet before), the item could be bought from the NPC.

  • Dear Galeas, first of all, I feel pretty insulted because - as it seems - you defended the nerfing of luna instances by putting the actively playing and AFK (exploiting) players under the same hood. I feel insulted as I never did any luna instances AFK. About All Powerful drops in Hell Pass (this has nothing to do with the manastones/serums, from this instance you can only get APES): First of all, you could not get those items for AFK run, only if you played the whole instance. Yes, maybe too ma…