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  • not exactly a 6.2 bug but I guess something like that shouldn't happen at all? and my PT lost runatorium coz of that.

  • I'm wondering if mysterious scrolls got compensated at all. RU was getting 15 potion boxes for 1 scroll while we got 1 or 0, not sure if ele def scrolls were being compensated so I cant tell for sure.

  • Bump, estimas were listed as "trash" removed items after logging in. Amounts of gold bars and new kinah i received matches exactly the amount of old kinah prior to compensation. Also upgrade level of estimas seems to have disappeared with the update, maybe that's the issue with compensating them.

  • They haven't deleted any obsolete titles from old patches yet. For example tia eye visitor title is still available to whoever obtained it before 4.8.

  • Does "all zones" apply to instances and instance server too?

  • It must be a bug related to certain items, not even type of items. I was able to send almost full set of 65ap accessories (2*) to my alt, only the belt said no. I bought all accessories on the day the patch was released, they weren't compensated during merges, so basically 0 reason to belive that the belt mightv'e been different in any way.

  • There's no such option on aion KR yet and I don't think they're ever going to add it.

  • I voted against. The 3v3 model is way less anticipated than 6v6, just because only coops base on it, it's also more gear and thus p2w-dependant. Imo they should reduce the amount of entries from 4 to 2 instead. As it is now, most of the groups apply on sunday evenings for some reason, my group also gave up on saturdays after 2nd week of 50min+ entry time. That means we have a 6h window every sunday to do 4 runs. That's about 2-2:30h inside, another 1:30-2h of entry times + obligatory breaks when…

  • 5.8 AP gear prices

    [NICK]maslaneczka123 - - Help & Questions


    Tbh AP doesn't seem to be a problem, with proper supply of silver stars it's enough to pick 2-3 favourite sources and stick to them for several months.

  • Another question that just came to my mind - the level reduction of original lvl75 item is preserved or removed in the process of blessing?

  • Quote from Future Will Come: “items + ap Quote from Future Will Come: “F3wOnb-5J7w.jpg ” ” Price on the screenshot is lower than here though and misses the spinel coin item, que? EDIT: nvm, i'm stupid here's the recipe.

  • I've just tried to buy something from crafting NPCs in esterra on lvl57 character - it's possible.

  • Yeah, that means we can use VR relics to buy at least part of the crystals. I just hope lvl66 is not required.

  • daym, that's bad thank you. At least the crystals are tradeable...

  • Oh come on, I added "a bit" to make it sound less harsh :<

  • 5.8 AP gear prices

    [NICK]maslaneczka123 - - Help & Questions


    As we know, there's new lvl80 AP gear coming in 5.8, that can be morphed from current lvl75. Complete list of materials required to make it is listed on aion powerbook under elite spinel coin items, such as The above mentioned list of mats contains 332 of some new crystals that apparently can be bought for 10k ap in esterra/nosra, so to morph the weapon we need to spend 3,32kk AP. The exact same amount is liste…

  • i used 6 GPs on 23rd and they updated on 28th... still waiting for the remaining 4 that i used several days later - guess no chances.

  • I liked the idea of splitting the maps in time. My 1st guess was that last time it was too monotonous but I didn't attend the 1st edition of the event, so I can't really tell. What I didn't like was this specific order the maps have been put in. Silentera canyon is a great map and I enjoyed it the most of all 3. It usually has max. 2-3 ways for your opponents to flee and it was really funny to see them running through the middle of corridor, while I was hugging walls and choosing the shortest pa…

  • Yesterday got the issue with 3252134531243 quests that don't update. Today there are 3, but they don't update either. Apart from this, the icon appears and disappears at its own will. These hero tests are really nice addition to daily grinding, but atm they simply don't work at all... expecting a quick fix :c

  • I don't get why some ppl around here are disappointed... srsly we got something that barely has any connection with item shop, cuz those L5s are obtainable in-game pretty easily. The fact that after +10 you need grey stones from < 4.7.5 patches doesn't exactly help, but we've been notified that L5 were going to be equal to ~L105 and there was enough time to hamster some in WH. Now someone said that it is an attempt to "wipe" the existing supply of grey stones -.- It would happen sooner or later …