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  • Heeyitsme (not going to quote all the text) ..... Loving it. Some really good ideas and thoughts in there. Should copy and paste most of that and put in suggestion section. Loving the crafting changes. I do believe there is a level 65 pvp set you can craft. Jurmungand (something like that, I never get it right) I think the last craft in the series gives a pvp version, again it is one that needs a lot of luck for procs on the way to the finished item. The changes in recent patch to gathering has …

  • Not sure what is happening there. Ashunatal Dredgion shows that for player with active gold pack you get 3 entries and this is reset daily at 9am. Do you have a gold pack active on your account at the moment?

  • The difference is, I am never in a rush to get to end game playing. When I was asmo long long time ago I would sit in some places just looking at the area. The cute fungi and all the colours in patamor ridge. The big tree that was on a little island rock near bubu. Chasing butterflys in Brusthonin. Strolling around the housing areas, grass land, water falls, dolphins. So much detail and colours in game that no one notices. So much more to do than stress out trying to keep up with other peoples g…

  • runtime+replace me

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    Yes I had that problem I am using 32 bit OS. What they did was added something in the settings for 32 bit systems. Because they only use 3GB memory even though more ram may be installed. I have 8GB ram installed but game will not use it. Available memory 3.5G Try going to Menu - Options - System Settings - tick box for 3G memory use permitted. That solved my problems. I was getting those replace errors on screen every time I moved or turned. Now, no problems.

  • Think about it logically. If they were trying to kill the game they would not be adding new content. That would be a waste of money developing and implementing new content. The addition of the godstones could be a good thing. Many people complain about the sm using fear, well now others will have it too. What I also notice on some armour is a stat that adds resistance to godstones so they will not proc as much on you. It is how I look at it.

  • Starting at lvl65 may sound good to some people, not to me. I have a number of alts that I play around with doing quests etc I enjoy doing the lower level quests. Something different to do when all the repeating the same quests at 66+ gets too much. It also allows you to use your skills, work out what builds work for you on character to suit how you play. For me it would be better to level up a bit slower and pick up the things that you will need when you get to higher level on the way.

  • NPC Cymaon on temion wharf reshanta still gives quest to get and deliver to him.. 5 aether gems. Unless someone has these stored in wh this quest can not be completed. These gems are not gatherable any more. quest.. Level 45 .. called.. Pieces of Aether.

  • It may have been, Click, by the time I got near the end of the patch notes I was brain dead with information overload. And.... seeing is believing hehehe

  • Aether and gathering all give white grade now. The morph designs to make for example brilliant drenite do not exist, any designs you have to morph green, blue yellow grade materials will disappear when you try to use it, if they have not been removed from your list already. Crafting designs give different options so you can use up any green/blue/gold materials you have, that is if you can find the rest of the old style ingredients to complete the design. The good side of this is having only whit…

  • It seems our comments about gathering were not ignored, changes have been made. I tested a few things today. In all cases you only need to click one time on the item, not 3 times) 1 normal item (ore/gems/wood etc) = 3 1 Huge item = 9 The single gather on a malavite ore uses only 1 Altare glass bottle (previously to gather 3 malavite from the ore you would need 3 bottles) The logs have chance to give 3 normal logs or 3 bundles. Unique items like eurons memento etc are still given. Aether gatherin…

  • 5.5 First Info

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    Quote from [NICK]arhat777: “Tell me please where can get ingame Mighty Supplements (Mysical) - elyos side. I mean tell me what quests it gives or may be where can get it like reward - if can not to buy it from npc. If it possible tell me please different ways where can get it?” I have found mythical suppliments dropping sometimes from boss in the Laboratory (solo instance) in Akaron. You would get more answers if you posted your question in the game help section of forum.

  • Esoterrace

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    yes, farewell to the daily quests for ap and mithril medals too. The morphing designs that were there are now sold by the essencetapping npc in sanctum

  • Venturing Into Enemy Territory

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    Maybe they are thinking that the 100 <Shattered Spinnel> is helping people get new medals/insignia for new equipt but not thinking it through. Are there other new ways in any of the changed quests to get these insignia of honour, lower levels will still need them to get other gear. Not all is about level 75 gear. The more I read the more this is all getting soooooo crazy. Think I will stay out of the rat race and just stick to PVE.

  • yes, I just discovered that it still gave drops a week before the new patch, when I went in with a friend to do quest that I had sitting for long long time. Then all changed after patch.

  • And from another angle... It is said that because gear is breakable on enchanting it is tradeable. Okay that sounds fair, you can buy from someone else if you cannot drop it yourself.... but. It seems to me the in game ways to make this kind of money to buy things is slowly being strangled too. A new player levels so fast they do not have the opportunity to make a lot of cash on the way, or AP from dregions. Gone are the days when you could run a good cash/item dropping dungeon many times and se…

  • Edit.. removed post as I see someone already supplied info re known bugs 5.3

  • Thanks, i was so sure i was able to mentor before.

  • When trying to enter as mentor in group for Dark Poeta it gives message. You cannot enter with a mentor in group. XP seems crazy too. Killed an Ahurt Shadowshot... level 69 gets 5838 xp, level 48 gets 200 xp. Naturally mobs bosses etc are empty due to level 69 being in group. Has it always been like this? I am sure I helped in legion before and was a this another change since new patch? Will try it with a level 65 instead of HD level.

  • Quote from Kegi: “@Mookie, could we get TRADEABLE makarna ARMOUR chests to some event? The set is still pretty good for healing boost for clerics and a lot of ppl still want this set. Thing is, it's pretty hard to get now since ppl don't bother with old content so much anymore. Pretty pls *puppy face* *blink blink* :ashy:” oooooh yes please. I will add a cupcake with sprinkles and cherry on top. at level 70 I am still using my old kahrun lvl 60 gear for healing. The only macarna runs I see are j…

  • 1... The call of High Priest Jucleas quest... when I did it there was an issue where clicking on the frozen ellianan plant did not update the quest and further clicks did nothing. It may have been glitched by so many people clicking on it at the same time. Several people had the same problem when I was trying. I found logging character out to character selection screen and back in reset it and allowed me to complete it. This worked for others with the problem too. 2... After the upgrade Dark poe…