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  • can you explain me where is the pvp content in this event ? xD

  • Veteran rewards redeem

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    and after so much time to find the items that you want now we have a 2nd problem.You cant select - take all items when express mails arrived but you need to take the items 1 by 1 I wonder how hard will be those guys that making the website to put a favourite list with items so with 1 click you can take whatever you choose in the list.

  • this event gives the bubble title deathbringer?

  • ELITE LEVEL 1 5 x Lodas' Silver Star 1000 x Mighty Supplements (Mythical) 20 x Lodas' Golden Star 20 x Recovery Tea - 100% recovery ELITE LEVEL 2 2500 x Infinity Insignia 1 x Powerful Blessed Augmentation: Level 2 Bundle 2 x All-Powerful Enchantment Stone 15 x Spinel Medal ELITE LEVEL 3 20 x Entry Scroll for the Runatorium Ruins 20 x Entry Scroll for the Balaur Marching Route 2 x Pure Merek's Wondrous Prayer 20 x Entry Scroll for the Ashunatal Dredgion ELITE LEVEL 4 30 x Revival Stone 5 x Leader…

  • Question about minion

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    i cant beleve it really.I saw rank a and i was happy after all these tries.and now you say me that is troll from developers.So i open cute minion contract to take food... thank you

  • Question about minion

    Dimple - - General Discussion


    Hello after many tries with compines and opening cute minion contracts today i got minion rank a arch kerubiel.But it have only 1 skill and it says that already is lvl 4.The stats that giving are low also.You heard anything about upgrade this minion in later patch ?I cant even use minion function.the option is completely grey

  • but still we need untradeable holy serums

  • Please add Archangel Magic Wings in event or aion shop.We need these wings !!!

  • Every 5 minutes crash today.Completely unplayable.The past week i had 0 crash and today 5 crashes in the row.Idk what i have to do anymore.Aion hate me. update : 100% crash when im trying to use macro

  • @Galeas i cant find the reward table for fire temple.can you help me ?

  • I agree too.The hero trial quest with elites is absolutely great.

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

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    I agree that we need merge on servers.And i would suggest reset on ranks too.

  • i think that its fair solution. But if they change the quest of 40 kills to all atreia then you will go to kill 40 times a bot in estera/nosra and you will get an apes.Gonna be boring. Anyway i have to share my idea too.People asking for tradeable apes holy serums and more manastone bundles.Why you dont make and the 2nd part a little bit harder with these rewards for those who can take them only with mains characters?What i mean piton / narakkalli / museum make 500k ap kill 300 asmodians/elyos w…

  • Changes to Veteran Rewards

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    Quote from maximos31: “Quote from holyeden: “Quote from maximos31: “Quote from holyeden: “ I think this will be a new permanent reward from the "prestige system". I would give this after £2000 spent. I really do hope that the prestige system will be based on amount of Aion Coins purchased! ” You want for people that have time/skill/brain to make kinah in game to be weaker than you?PAY to WIN pay-to-win Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better i…

  • Hello, As i talking with many ppl in my server complain that from the 2nd day of the event they faced a major nerf to reach for lvl 8.At the first day the rate was around 5-7 times to lvl 8.Suddenly the 2nd day i heard stories about 2x times to lvl 8 in 100+ tokens. I would know your experience.

  • Thank you very much

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “Quote from Dimple: “can anyone tell me whats the difference of high guard leader's noble armour chest and the high guard leader armour chest? ty ” Not really sure, but as per '', both are same except "High Guard Leader's Armour Chest" also has Headgear it seems, while the other one doesn't. High Guard Leader's Armour Chest High Guard Leader's Noble Armour Chest ” yeah i noticed that.but normal box is better than noble? xD something goes wrong here.maybe …

  • can anyone tell me whats the difference of high guard leader's noble armour chest and the high guard leader armour chest? ty

  • 2 Events with 0 accessories reward.We asked clearly to put some eternal hope parts since that we dont have sky island but another 1 time you ignore us. I dont know what i have to say for this wednesday.You really dont understand what we need ?You giving us again peitan weapon antriksa chests and gold feathers? I hope these guys that who wanted have some fun in shugo game to think it better before they spend real money for nothing.

  • Quote from Aura: “And sometimes you get 4 apes in a row. It's called luck. back in 5.4 i had 22 fails in a row for +16 on my general gloves, did you see me crying all over the place "ENCHANTMENT RATES HAVE BEEN NERFED QQ"? ” im sure that you dont even read the first pages of the sure that you dont even understand for what we talking about.but i like to help ppl like you. Our discussion talking about nerf after the patch.At the first week we was all happy with apes from hell pass rewards…