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  • I like shop updates when they put in p2w items that nobody wants to buy Keep up the good work

  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Lyneza90 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Accuracy: “Quote from Mika: “Quote from ynal: “Quote from Neutru: “legendary stones on legendary items, all fail ... ty gf ” ? 3% more on legendary gear. the patch is for ppl with ancient gear. ” This, sadly these rates are only good if you still need ancient gear to +15 ” Everyone stepping up to legendary makes up for a pretty nice baseline. I wouldn't exactly like everyone to be in red gear just yet tbh Quote from Lyneza90: “I now have my last 5 ancient pieces upgradet into legendar…

  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Lyneza90 - - General Discussion


    I now have my last 5 ancient pieces upgradet into legendary. Thanks for acting this quick on this one

  • Nice event. No money involved to get one golden transformaton safe. Please keep these f2p events and keep the cash events to a minimum

  • You get multiple rewads out of 1 chest. I just got 2 white contracts,1 ancient pve stone, 30 day mount, 10 shop potions, 10 fragments of fighting spirit, 15 slot stones and some food. Good event if it stays this way.

  • The good thing is that now more tradeable enchantment stones are aviable through ingame means. But change +300 percent ep with drop rate since no one needs additional ep in this patch.

  • I think he meant it ironicly

  • Gunner pve/pvp build

    Lyneza90 - - Gunner


    Try to get conentrated headshot and bombardment as fast as posible and gear up as fast as possible cause with 6.5 bombardment will get utterly nerfed. It will get like 4-5 times more cd whit less overall dmg. Stigmas are not as important as those 2 skills right now. Try to allway use your safe crit buff for juggernaut cannon and bombardment. This way you can even compete with a sm in terms of dmg. Remember that you can reload your crit buff and even when if it is on cd use bombardment anyway sin…

  • I allready have gotten ice skate 2 times. But i collect all the snowflakes with all my luna accounts i had to make in 5.x to keep up so daily i open like 60-70 snowflakes.

  • You can keep the cards in your postbox and still recive the rewards. So as long as your postbox is not filled to the brim it is no big deal. As a f2p player you will just get some crafting mats out of the free cards anyway (if you are lucky)

  • We have made countless suggestions since 6.2 hit the servers on how to improve your game. Why are you asking us now? Did you ignore all our feedback before, or do you want to give us false hope once again? Nevertheless i will try to point out your mistakes with 6.2. The biggest thing that you have to change is your attitude towards f2p Players: you have to give them the feeling of being rewarded. People need to say "I can do it!" instead of "Why should i bother?". So far only 2 events accomplish…

  • They share the same spawn locations as the shugos ones some events ago. They also don't drop the quest item everytime - i had to kill 25 of them to get my quest finished (took me like 30 minutes cause bad spawn rate). All of that for 5 potions that i allready have plenty of from the previous event with the flowers. I guess if you really really really really really really really really really want those new year wings then go for it. Otherwise don't bother.

  • I allready made 45 million and have a bit over 100 serums out of the snowflakes on the first day. Good Event

  • Quote from Kuroiz: “Oh man [Event] Welcome, new Daeva! -Will be deactivated. still need 1k bouquet of illusions to get black flame wings ! time to reset garden i suppose ” RIP best event in aion since 6.2

  • Increase Weekly Sale Limit

    Lyneza90 - - General Discussion


    I run garden 4x with 8 chars every week. In addition i run every ID of Makarna, Prom, Nara and HT with my main. I still don't have a problem with kinah cap

  • Has anyone seen a key drop in instances and can tell if these ones (not the shop keys) are tradeable? I knew these keys would be a rarity as soon as i saw their prices in shop. I just wanna know if i can make a quick buck out of them in case they drop in one of my kinah runs in garden with my twink army.

  • Quote from Nuke: “seems like a terrible event and the reward list sucks what do you get from golden rolls ? ” If you get 2 smielys out of the golden rolls you get one random reward from the best chest If you get 1 smiely you get the 1 reward out of the second best chest. I tried this with an ancient veteran account i have never used an oh boy i have never seen luna blown away this fast.

  • You can do Prometun and Makarna with half legendary and half gold gear ez pz even when all parts are +0. I don't see the problem either

  • New class in Aion?

    Lyneza90 - - General Discussion


    Aion becoming Splatoon like wth

  • I was going to drop some euros for the cuddly sheep (best/funniest mount imo) but after seeing it was only for 30 days i kept my purse closed. I rather spent some time farming kinah ingame to buy a permanent version from brooker.