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  • OMG This is so funny. Ive not been at all interested in this game for months, and visited the forum wanting a laugh, and stumbled across this thread. Its absolutely hilarious. So glad I no longer play this p2w sinking ship. FFXIV blows this game and its publisher into smithereens lol. Feel so sad for the people staying with this game.

  • pre-luna nerf = 90 +6 manastones every 7 weeks, do that on 8 characters = 480 stones. I wont settle for anything less than that every 7 weeks. Otherwise GF is simply taking the p*ss out of players again. All GF had to do was revert the luna nerf, but instead take weeks to come back with half-baked solution that isnt even close to the original. for a long time to come if GF dont stop fooling around and simply revert the nerf and be done with this disgraceful behaviour. /censored: Sita - for other…

  • FFXIV best MMO on market at moment.

  • Unless one is prepared to spend like 400-500 euro on 1 character to be competitive, then forget it, Aion isnt for you. AND lets faceit, who the hell spends that kind of money on a 8 year old game lol (not just Aion, any game at all). For that kind of money, treat yourself to a holiday and get laid and get an STD, more fun and happier lasting memories than getting wtfpwnd by scripters in arenas.

  • Why was a post about saying the game is P2W censored in this thread when this thread is entirely about how the nerf in Luna is just another step towards the cash shop and p2w ? lol, Ive seen it all now. Glad I dont play this sad game anymore.

  • Censored by Vaire due to off-Topic.

  • I've resurrected my old FFXIV account this last week (cheap monthly subscription model), had a level 50 paladin gathering dust. Check out the Mog station online shop, ZERO P2W. Absolutely loving it - its like the total opposite to Aion - healthy player base, easy to use cross-server dungeions, no stupid hackers in PVP, useable loot drops all the time, never ever feel like Im not progressing or out-geared every minute I play, lush graphics and sound (best MMO for it), storyline, helpful playerbas…

  • All GF had to do was revert the luna changes, thats it. Simple. But no, they spend weeks coming up up with some poor alternative. Really piss poor performance yet again. I sat and weighed up the pros and cons of Aion the other day, and do you know, this isnt a game or MMO that we once knew, its a casino. Censored by Vaire: RWT is not allowed and leads to a permanent ban. Refrain from advertising it.

  • Quote from Judai: “ About time people started to move on to other games or private servers (in greater numbers than before ” I've just installed FFXIV and getting back into it. Aion has had enough $$$ from me over the years. Time to move onto something else seeing as this ship is sinking. What a breathe of fresh air FFXIV is.

  • I completely disagree with the Luna change. For myself, and quite obviously many others, it was a breathe of fresh air having an instance that actually gave a decent enough reward that felt like one was actually making progress in the game. Because lets face it, if one cannot make steady progress in a game, honestly, what is the point of even playing ? To those who are saying 90 +6 stones every 7 weeks or APES from daily instance was too much... I have a whale friend who will happily tell you he…

  • dead game

    ThereIsNoGod - - Suggestions


    About time NC introduced a new class, made crafting viable, more solo instances that drop decent gear, less emphasis on levelling, revamped the PVP ranking to remove limitation on number of people who can be same rank, less emphasis on cash shop (make it skins only). Introduce more content - how about elite version of Dark Poeta for example ? Elite version of Fire Template ? Loads of old instances could be scaled up depending on group makeup. Stop introducing new areas/zones, removing old zones …

  • How can anyone spend so much on a stupid feather lol.

  • Tradeable. Silver/gold medals were tradeable ever since launch, and still are today. Just so happens those medals were at the height of fun times in Aion. Legion who took fort could receive medals from BG and it helped legion members gear up better. And with abyss gear breaking on failed enchant, no one is going to bother farming like zombies to have gear break - were is the fun in that? If new medals are not tradeable, better to just stick with +15 rank 1 or new arena sets aint too shabby tbh.

  • I did one hero quest on launch day, waited forever to get reward then just gave up. Crappy system. just remove it completely and boost the atreia pass rewards to include growth serums.

  • About the community

    ThereIsNoGod - - Deyla


    The community on Deyla went full 'tard since the merge. Pre-merge, Telemachus was OK, quiet, but OK. The 'tardometer hardly moved, much, if at all, then after merge, it got broken faster than I could say, 'WTS english lessons'. I also see people wanting gear checks for just about everything and its completely unnecessary 95% of the time. PVE, I would only ask for someone in at least half mythic gear for makarna, for everything else, rune tribe is more than enough. +10 weapon is nice, but not ess…

  • Elo/mmr system in Aion

    ThereIsNoGod - - General Discussion


    Its 2016 and this game still hasnt given players the option to form one group of elyos, one group of asmo and give the players ability to choose the instanced arena they want to have some fun in. No rewards, no time limit, just the ability to have some pvp fun with players and opponents of their choosing, in their own enclosed space free from mongoloids interrupting the pre-arranged duals and stuff. This game is so out of whack with the times and all the publisher wants to do is spam shugo every…

  • There is simply no way Aion EU has a properly working matchmaking system in place. If I quick entry JMR/KB,RT, 85% of the time my group contains really poor geared people in that crappy free pve gear(!) against a premade full of 4-star officers and generals. Sorry GF, but there is no matchmaking in Aion EU. Either that or EU is full of poor geared players... The only time I have quick entried and met comparable team is in old school dredgion, very rarely I see premades in there (but does happen …

  • Ppl do realise these events are only to have you waste RL cash on them hence the poor drop rate ? Best thing is to just not participate in them and go spend your money on something you can get something guaranteed out of.

  • Im here to talk about the stupid pricing of online store items and am using this an example - Cat box: Does Gameforge even Aion brah ? Do they not know that this skin can be got very easily from sauro in like 10 mins, do they also even realise the broker prices of these, because they are so readily available, is 1.5-3 mil on average ? 129 aion coins is like 130 mil kinah or so by comparison. SO these cat boxes are priced waaay out of the m…

  • Is funny tho, as I dont really play Aion EU much these days, if at all, and when I heard of the event (same as on Aion NA), I figured to log in and have a bash. I used 50 L5 stones to get event abyss chest to +13. Getting to +10 hardly any fails, but +11 to +13 was a total nightmare hence the 50 stones. RNG almost had me in shock at the number of fails beyond +10, but at least I only lost -1 enchant on fail. Only used mighty supplements (mythic ofc) once going from +12 to +13 (300 needed - ouch)…