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  • Yeah when I'm reading stuff like that, I'm so tempted to hop back to NA - they put way more care into this. (Although, some people would say that's about the only thing they put care in...)

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    @NeroAlbania People say Deyla is the most popular English speaking server (however, they have lots of Italian speaking folks as well.) Plenty of Aion YouTubers are active on it too.

  • @Doombolt That's a shame, because a lot of the (old) lore was/is very interesting! Oh well. What bothers me most, though, is when they just forget to check if the spacing between words is correct. Aka, reading something like: "Thisshould be what he wanted." It hurts my eyes.

  • Woah, I did not know they translate from KR to DE and THEN to ENG. Explains much. Now I'm thinking of just setting my game in German - that way I can practice it more. It's been a while. Thanks for the info. o/

  • Hi. I used to play on NA. Recently, I have decided to start playing on EU for ping reasons. (20-45 ms feels SO MUCH better than 200-250 ms damn.) Anywho: I noticed (before 6.X hit EU, so I was still able to compare) that the translation of quests/dialogue are different here in comparison to NA; not trying to sound harsh, but they're quite bad. Some quests have grammatical errors in them, sometimes the formulation of the sentence just sounds.... odd. Now that 6.2 is here in EU, it's even worse th…