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  • Happy Christmas time!

    TomAs - - General Discussion


    We are wishing you a Christmas filled with love, joy and peace. I hope your holidays are enjoyable and relaxing. I wish all players only the best gaming experience. Aion team, a successful year as he was this even more successful the next.

  • transform contracts

    TomAs - - Help & Questions


    Hello, can I ask how fusion contracts work? The more transformation I'm going to fusion, the more chance I have for a better transform? Because I'm just fusion three white transforms and I got better transformation than fusion six.Thanks,Tomas

  • aion come back ?

    TomAs - - General Discussion


    Hello, I believe and I want AION to be back on TOP games. I hope that a lot of old players will come back and new ones will be added. I will ask those who play beta or have experience with them. Does AION have this new patch to be a game that can swallow and be addicted again? I put big hopes into it. I guess the glory of the AION era has stopped but now it can all come back. I have not tried beta yet. I do not want to judge anyone, but the GF does not have much good say in the world of games ju…

  • i think gameforge doing very good work and dont forget they are only publisher. Iam always happy when i can come back to this game a take a look what is new. If you can be with your friends on TS, going together some pve or pvp stuff or just talk about the game. It makes much better experience to the game. You cant compare gameforge to some bigger company for example blizzard with world of warcraft casue they doing their maintenance during night if i meet to this problem what you speak about her…

  • Hello, why so many ppl look to level of your character and not gear ?? everywhere i see that ppl looking for ppl with higher level but what about gear ? There should be some item level for finding ppl to invite your party for intances. Here is only one scale which show you only your level and the leader of the party dont know your gear only if he ask for it. And also for the server-wide searching how can i contact leader and tell him "i have full fallusha, inv me pls, but i dont have so high lev…

  • faster regeneration HP/MP

    TomAs - - Suggestions


    Hello, how about creating some item which after use make faster regeneration HP and MP. Because if i am in some instance without a healer and i am alone for example i would welcome that item becasue if i want to kill the last boss in refuge mirage its not possible and they always kill me so with that item i wouldnt wait so long for next attempt. I know i can use some potions but it doesnt give you full HP and MP. Thanks,