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  • well i just got teh new windows update and it also doesnt work in 64 bit (32bit runs fine) but in event logs i can see app crash with ntdll module, error code 0xc0000374 which is Heap corruption

  • Quote from [NICK]arkadyass: “Why is aion using 9GB of ram? I recently reinstalled aion and noticed that it used upto 9GB of my ram. Thanks.” ram in your pc is there because harddrive is slow, so those data from harddrive are copied into uncompressed form and some processed data..etc etc if u dont like how much it eats, than u can alter ram usage with command paremeters aion.bin -mem:xxxx -memres:xxxx ..... -mem - this acts as ramdrive, so gamefiles gets loaded into ram instead of readin…

  • start game with HIGHDPIAWARE flag, if u startin game with bat file, u can do that in your registry: HKCU\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\appcompatflags\layers (or pres ctrl+f and search for highdpiaware) and here create new field, put inside path to your aion.bin (ie: c:\games\aion\bin64\aion.bin) and in data put HIGHDPIAWARE or u can set that in gameforge launcher if u do not use bat file (same apply for rain meter): right click on gameforge launcher and select properties, click on…

  • Attack speed weapon

    BunnyKill - - Spiritmaster


    it reduces skill animations, if u dont see much benefit, than maybe your ping isnt low enough i used to have sorc back in 3.0, with combined attack/casting speed weapon it felt like with no anim

  • sooo... its useable by any character (asmo/ely) BUUUT u can bet that ull never get this item in game and no other item is using same mesh

  • u guys dont use high daeva skills? for me (gunner) at 69lvl i have replacement for one of mine normal skill and 2 passives for more dmg/def vs mobs, then creativity for max hp and rest goes for + best nukes

  • Spanish guys, learn english.

    BunnyKill - - Hellion


    i just googled international word... so if u have two or more nations placed together its then called international whatever the case (server in this case) and wiki told me which one of those languages (english/spanish) is more common english - 1500M Countries_with_English_as_Official_Language.png spanish - 559M Idioma_espa%C3%B1ol_en_el_mundo.PNG another wiki about EU: The most widely spoken language in the EU is English, which is understood by 51% of all adults, while German is the most widely…

  • Spanish guys, learn english.

    BunnyKill - - Hellion


    servers are international, english is international...any other questions?

  • i know ther are few more of those posts...but each pc is different and here are mine crashes btw all of those are on 64bit client BEX64: (buffer overflow or DEP trigger) - StackHash_b4ee APPCRASH: - CrySystem.dll - c0000005 (Access Violation) - XRenderD3D9.dll - c0000005 (Access Violation) - d3d9.dll - 0xc000001d (Illegal Instruction)

  • can you open youtube page in background and see if that helps?

  • Place/instanced names

    BunnyKill - - Suggestions


    here is small example for kids to understood but i do agree atleast with instance names..thats a pain in lfg to watch that, and since servers are mostly theres no point to have mixed names on those for items i dun care, when they link it i see eng name

  • +15 ur armor, get chanter, use idians, candy, dp buff

  • Z7JWSXM.jpg

  • Quote from Sita: “Quote from Erik: “Hello! Where do I find the quest to get ''Laestrygos weapon''? I see from some googling the quest was deleted? Is this correct?” Hello Daeva I am afraid so if you take a look at the level it says 999 - this is quite a good indicator that it was deleted Regards Sita” from NA forums: Quote: “The quest associated with the Laestrygos weapons has been significantly altered, but not removed entirely. The old quest was replaced…

  • thi bug is quite one of teh oldest and still not fixed its a UI bug which causing lags and framerate drops once u hower your mouse cursor in affected area i did remove alpha channel and greayed out background of texture just to make this area visible, as normaly this area is transparent in solo (no group ally) it only reduces few fps but if you are in ally (where ui kinda eats lots of cpu resources) game will became unplayable short video of 24man ally test

  • 74 elites soloing as gunner

    BunnyKill - - Gunner


    my gunner has max around 5k btw killing those is just waste of time...time spent/xp gain = bad xp gain

  • maybe you have in background running some other picture saving tool? like on windows with one drive printscreen = autoupload on default settings…b0-4ad6-9f9c-b08494d79d6a maybe your harddrive is too slow? u may use another drive for your pictures, just mklink needed…255&MSPPError=-2147217396

  • after 5.0 lots of players/npcs have invisible gear qyVQSsg.jpg this is default_equipment_textures btw (low quality player details)

  • Source Code (1 line) btw gflive is made in visual studio 2005 so u may try to reinstall redistributable package for 2005 libraries (x86 ones)

  • such thing can be fixed within 2seconds + compile time xD just change uint to ulong and problem solved