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  • 1 APES & 1 Antriksha Stringed Instrument on my gunner. Yay :D. Although I did spend a crap ton on shop keys just because of rage so.. still a while 'til I breakeven.

  • What is the reason for them to be so cheap with the events? Would it kill them to give us some actual REWARDS at least once a year in the event that seems to mean the most for Aion? I mean it's the 7th anniversary. Sigh. Hope there's something more.

  • How to get lvl 68 gunner over 3900 MBoost?

    Dotori - - Gunner


    Definitely the mythical Idian will be a boost of 100 mb along with macc and crit spell, you can bless your set to "enhanced hyperion". You can also just ditch that set and get the new AC Myth set than farming the kunax pieces for 10 years. Buy the corundrum accessories set as they have marginally higher stats for pve. Change your weapons to pve weapons. What is your cannon's base weapon that you fused the r1 into?

  • I agree as well. The gear/level grind with the break-able component and those new stones that are gonna break anyone's budget apart. Keep giving us some actual rewarding and fun events and activities. Although I highly doubt a nice event will come to us before 5.1. Another point is that summer is over and most of the players are now once again busy, and we didn't get any substantial event over this period of time. Please think about this, and also please think about the shop item prices before y…

  • Quote from Noctis: “Anyone knows how much kinah it costs to condition a 1h weapon + 5 armor parts of the new mythic AC set ?” 36-45kk ish I believe, last time I did it with 2x 1h weapons and it costed me around that much.

  • But why would you want veteran status revoked when you already paid for the game time? Some people buy several in stacks to get VR :O you want to reduce the GP from 30days to 14 days?

  • Quote from cristalkr: “Quote from Click: “Is it a marketing strategy to sell very expensive Stigma Boxes in shop, 3 weeks before new patch, where all stigmas become unlimited anyways?” ow do they? maybe you should read the patchnotes again.” If we are following the korean patches then sort of yes. But from what I know, the unlimited are gonna be removed and you can get some amount of kinah back whereas you will get several stigma bags based on your level. So you will probably end up with 6-ish f…

  • Is there any way that us as a playerbase writing an email to NCSoft regarding the copyrighta issue for stuff like Wonder Girls, IU, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty going to help at all? Has Gameforge not received the use of these items as publishers despite these already being encoded into the item database? IF, the copyright issue infriges on the fact that you cannot make any profit out of it, can us the players have an event to be able to get them for free? I find it a bit ridiculous to have such a l…

  • Quote from Aegir: “Quote from [NICK]dwarfinator: “Quote from Aegir: “he only problem what i saw is the big limitation to get the Fertilizer since 3 of the 4 instances are weekly (Lok is weekly, no? Still didnt try it ) ? And make 80 kills in Vengar/Esterra when you have 40 people around you trying to do the same is not even easy or worth.” And then you finally get a revival stone 8)” I got x1 APES and 3 serums in a row... :cookieshugo:” You are blessed by RNGsus :D. Got full on salads and powder…

  • 74 elites soloing as gunner

    Dotori - - Gunner


    It'd be great if you could tell us your gear/stigma setup. I've been using dual dmg proc godstones instead of movement slow maybe I'll try that in Tarha.

  • 74 elites soloing as gunner

    Dotori - - Gunner


    What's your main hand/off hand revolver setup? I'm having trouble going up to 4.1k mb

  • Quote from [NICK]horizonzurvan: “It would be worth if the fertilizer bundles dropped in every istance, not only 5.0 brand new ones .-. not everybody can complete arkhal or lok (where fertilizers drop seems 100% or at least i dropped 6 in 6 runs) and drop chances in adma and elemental lab are too low... not to mention the impossible pvp quests. Loot table seems good but we need a lot more fertilzers to actually get something out of this event.” I agree with all the comments. Either increase the r…

  • Atreia tree school event - Deyla elyos

    Dotori - - Deyla


    The sad part is that the people are actually buying those seeds. They are also blaming Kroata as if he had an ulterior motive as if the rewards for handing in the seeds were ground-breaking. It's so sad. Whilst the asmo-side seem to be handling things much better with some brain and not being illiterate and reading the events news. Gogo Kroata!

  • Introduction: Fregion

    Dotori - - Introductions



  • Quote from Erik: “Yy only mail attatchments You can get them from events or shop bundle with 0.01% rate (idk if it is still in shop) So yes, the eternal abyss mails are like non-existant atm” That's ridiculous :/. Wish we were more like NA so we could also have such flash sales. I don't see how would it NOT profit gameforge. Already asked Mookie if it was possible and he said no. Wish we could make a poll.

  • Best Solo Class

    Dotori - - Class Discussions



  • Quote from Erik: “No” So the only way to transfer abyss items would be through mail-attachment approvals right? Where exactly can I get them btw? Only through past events? I need the eternal ones as I regained access to an old account and want to transfer my set..

  • Free & Gameforge in one sentence... Interesting. But yeah, you somehow modified the "IU" event items and chnged the name and colors to "Ariate", I don't see why you can't do the same for the other items. Also, about the new morph bundle, you can't randomly assign a price without looking at the market. 1 spirit stone of light= 10k kinah, most expensive crafting stone (eternity) is around 8-9kk whilst cheapest (ancient) is 500k atm I believe (Ely-Dela). Additionally, the crafting stones are RNG an…

  • As the title says! I need to buy lots of these :/. Need to move my abyss items from one char to another as I made a new account. pm me in-game on Dotori!

  • @Mookie, that's a shame as NA makes flash sales for them I think they are selling them right now actually. It's really hard to trade the abyss items as I found out that they can't be wrapped hehe. Oh well. As for the aethercannon skins: [item: 101901109] / [item: 101901117] / [item: 101901032] (Recycling some old event ones as there are pretty much no cannon skins in the shop besides the aether rune one which is a shame) Revolver skins: [item: 101801046] [item: 101801208] [item: 101801048] [item…