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  • Scam event, daily free bags drop piece of poo... paid bags drop piece of poo.. Quote from PapaSchultz: “so to sum up : 3 bag with random drops (80%lead) per day/account < instead of 100% key / char on previous versions drops from boxes :99% spinel and/or relics (my friends and I never got anything else) bugged bags drops from instances, you can add Mirash Sanctuary to your investigation list as it's not really dropping anything. so yea you can delete i think ” yes i got something else too: broke…

  • Instance is good and fun, unfortunately too many bugs! You should have test it on a test server, fix the problems and afterwards introduce it in game. People don't pay you for broken product... Also there is a huge issue with too many afk's, if they don't get awards and teleport to the NPC for the quest at the end, there will be no point to be afk there! If you fix these problems and reintroduce this instance again (without nerfing the quality of the awards) i think majority of the player base w…

  • Quote from failboat: “Quote from Helkeheri: “We all know failboat is extremely lucky. In a mere 3 months he farmed over 30 billion. with 7 alts, without selling supplements. also enchanted his gear with just atreia pass supplements. And now back to reality. Im on my 4th char, doing elem/arkhal/kroban that is 32 run. I've seen 2 entire ape, and lost both on roll. Not that i expected any more than that. ” Stop being sarcastic and mocking me. Are going to say I start this crap again? Yes I play the…

  • Quote from Galeas: “I wonder how adding the latest Dungeons to the hero trials is not making the end content more worthwhile? ” it is worthwhile if you add to it as award 10 APECS + 10 Holly serums + 30x +6 manastone bundles maybe a cute contract as well, or a +10 stigma bundle? idk, any other suggestions? otherwise spending hours in it for one untradable ape is not worthwhile. btw Galeas, have you tried Holy Tower yet?

  • BUG

    lumikki - - Help & Questions


    Hi, PVP event points not updating from yesterday and cant send ticket to support for some reason its not letting me to login to see replies nor to send ticket. Please advice,, thank you.