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  • Quote from Lyneza90: “As a Gladiator you can just pull some mobs and do your leech skills to regenerate faster, but i agree that some classes just can't do that. I don't want to imagine how to reg as a templar for example ” yeah, but if the mobs deal more damage than you can regen it becomes a problem

  • Have you noticed how useless the resting mechanic is now? Before it was actually a decent option if you wanted to take a break for a minute and come back, now with 50k hp recovering not even 1k per tick, I go get something to eat, make a sandwich, come back and it's still half way... I literally get faster healing with spamming potions. I'm sure many chanters, bards and clerics don't get bothered by this, but as glad with a single healing skill with quite long cooldown, it's starting to get anno…

  • Quote from Wolx: “Only way is you have to "farm" those skins on the character you want, hope that you drop them. If they are skins way lower level than your character's level then nothing you can do about it. ” Problem is that you level up so fast now that dropping a full set is actually being lucky, because in a few levels you're gonna drop something way different

  • Quote from Kuroiz: “Had the same question few days ago but you just need to buy old armour pieces from broker and reskin it with the skin you want. If the skin you want says " can be only skinned once" then you are out of luck ” yeah, it does say that, but I thought that meant it gets destroyed on reskin, so by "out of luck" I'm guessing if I upgrade armor I won't be able to reskin again

  • Hey, I found some really cool looking armor (of those white pieces that drop on almost every mob), but for some stupid reason you can't store it in account warehouse?? Is there a way to trade some of these pieces to another toon? Like some kind of armor that is still storable and I change the appearance of that? I tried looking around, but the armor npc's are gone, so I'm guessing they thought of that (really shitty move btw).

  • Quote from Konoyaro: “Quote from [NICK]xkoma007x: “Sieges unplayable with 10 fps with a high-end pc. After revive wing bugs always. ” Just to clear this up for you, GF has nothing to do with your fps at siege. Aion uses a single core (you can always check in your task manager), so if you have a 128 core i9 running at 3.0 ghz on each, it will be still worse, than a quad core on 4.5 ghz. ” That's not true, I have an i5 4690k (4 cores) and it uses all 4, this game is not that old, in 2008 multi-cor…

  • Quote from Keymaker: “Quote from WreckingLord: “... ” There are rifts which spawn will also allow you to enter.. 9 locations spawn a possible rift for the instances. and it changes every half hour.... This is how it was intended, if u can't get near the entrance, enter via rift. ” I did not think of that, always saw those rifts as kinda useless and never gave it much thought, but now that you say it that way it makes much more sense, I'll try that next time.

  • Quote from Doombolt: “Bro, I don't understand a word you say. Can you explain it in a more coherent manner? ” Having to get to the entrance of dungeons to apply to server-wide groups or just even try to enter = groups of enemy faction players with insane PVP gear they got from compensation camping 24/7, you can't enter jack sh*t.

  • Yay, no more server-wide applying to dungeons from anywhere! Yay, dungeon entrances getting camped by p2w players 24/7! Yay, a full group of 6 can't kill 2 of these money bags you milk after fighting for 10 minutes straight because heals! Much fun, wow, group disbanded, no dungeon was made that day. Yay, I left the game. Keep it up, proud of you, that's how you're going to get new people playing. For those of you that may think I didn't try, I've been trying to get in a dungeon (holy tower and n…

  • Quote from Nagrio: “They didn´t have anything new to add, so they wipe it and started from beginning like patch 6.2, but disgustingly overpriced ” That's sad, they had some very good skins, if that's the case I hope they leave the "cute and fluffy" style and get back on making really cool skins for the people that care about style...

  • Hey, I was wondering why the shop is so empty, I was looking for cosmetics and noticed there's just 1 skin set and it's just for weapons, what happened? I remember having to load the shop on a browser because it had so much stuff the in-game browser would crash, now it's so empty I thought I wasn't logged in or something... What am I missing?

  • Activated an old account through your HORRIBLE account recovery system just to ask this: 41pNkK3.png > 3 Gold Rocks > 6 Water Rocks > 11 Fire Rocks > 11 Earth Rocks > 3 Luna's Light >>>50% chance<<<