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  • Aion Tribute - Asmodians zones

    breezee - - Youtube Videos


    OMG i still remember how these zones were the place where i felt like i was home rather than just playing a game. they (altgard and morheim) really connected me to the game. Right now its just fast leveling and you're in the new zone in 2 days. i feel sorry for all the new players who will never experience this ambience like you're living in asmodae

  • Aion 6.2 feedback execution

    breezee - - General Discussion


    Quote from Hizamaruu: “"cute" stuff ” Ew. Just ew. Spend hours in char creation but run around as a f***ing kobold just to move forward "faster" if its even fast

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    breezee - - General Discussion


    i had sth kinah before the update but when i logged in yesterday it was only so i thought okay they're converted to ingots but i only have 1 ingot and i dont suppose 1 ingot was equal that much kinah(nearly 10.5m or 11) so what now? im broke

  • Quote from Lisia: “Quote from breezee: “galeas said ETA 23:00 ” Of which day/year? ” only 2 light years later so hold on tight friends! its nearly here! :))))))) lol he said its gonna be tonight so it better be tonight or IM OUT

  • galeas said ETA 23:00

  • not yet but they say they're close to the end for the last 2 hours

  • Quote from SneakyGerald: “Quote from breezee: “Quote from Adam: “one of my friends tried to log in with a new acc, its working for him ” yeah my new acc is logged in too ” Yeah on PTS nice troll ” not in-game smartypants i meant the site. Quote from faker: “Can someone link invite to discord ? ”…351298/491536120652365835

  • Quote from Adam: “one of my friends tried to log in with a new acc, its working for him ” yeah my new acc is logged in too

  • site is open at least we can register new accs or sth

  • he just said it WILL be tonight

  • Music <3

    breezee - - Daeva's Playground

    Post…io=1&list=RDMMY_8vucksxrs Calming me down while i wait for servers to open impatiently

  • @Enaris Hey thank you for taking your time to answer and for your insights! i may try a few beside the healer that was mentioned above that may fit my playstyle counting on fast levelling Quote from Enaris: “And don't pay much attention to ones with toxic comments, on the long run could save you lots of nerves ” its not that they bother me A LOT but i feel like sometimes ppl need somethings to be reminded

  • Quote from Wassermelone: “just play a char you like, people like you destroy the game by playing only meta classes which is boring ” what if the class i like is one of the "meta"? lol whatever you are really helpful now i know not to choose a boring class cause obviously thats very specific and objective. Quote from Doombolt: “@OP I'd stick with SM if I were you since the class it's easy to play, learn and someday master. Just play it, see what works and what doesn't and determine which skill ro…

  • okay thanks for all the suggestions guys. SM was my first char and it felt complicated in pvp like it takes a lot of dedication to progress and to figure it out idk it was just hard for me tbh. i dont mind people being mean. im asking for help and being harsh on smo who is already harsh on themselves just shows how a "good and awesome player" you are. (that was sarcasm btw if you dont have the brain lol)

  • Okay so im planning to reroll with the upcoming patch meaning i will stop playing with my SM which i completely SUCK at. Yes i admit i am a NOOB. I usually get teleported to the gates of heaven without even noticing im being attacked lol anyway lets just calm down a bit.... So do you guys know which class is easy to, well lets say starting to PvP, or just generally? If you have any idea about the changes the classes gonna get and any suggestion on which class could be easy to play well, i'd love…

  • @Shechinah yeah i watched that lore series! It was amazing and educative hehe:D im just so in love with that game's story and ambiance and how it gives you space to roleplay cause i actually feel like im in it and unlike aion i dont stress over grinding,levelling and stuff i just move around the city collecting pieces of stories and putting the pieces together as the main story progresses. i mean i love aion but those things i mentioned was kinda absent in it at least for me.

  • couldnt look through 6 pages so dunno if anyone suggested Secret World Legends but i do F2P, mmorpg ,has a very different style from common mmos imo. i was tired of all the medieval age-extremely magical-cartoon looking kinda games so this felt refreshing to me. also all the players who are enjoying way too much of digging deep into aion lore, this game is kinda based on mythology and stuff so theres always some new conspiracies you can inspect. well at least for …

  • The Story of Asmo HighDaeva?

    breezee - - Help & Questions


    Okay so there's something i've been wondering about 5.0 story's asmo side. As much as i understand when we ascend to highdaeva we learn about our 'past'. That we were there when the cataclysm happened right? Now this would perfectly fit for elyos storyline because at the beginning you wake up with no memory so you begin your journey to find out who you are because back then -cataclysm- Siel froze you in time or whatever and send you to present. But i dont see how this new patch fit with asmo sto…

  • this is me everytime....

  • wow yes Evita it helped. Thank you i was able to study the old updates and fill the holes in the storyline