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  • The bundle you get from gold sand shop has only the old skill skins and it is selectable. At least it was, when I opened one on PTS before 6.2 went live.

  • Quote from Lemonzz: “why do u want to fuse 2 pve weapons since the extra pve stats (pve weapon + pve fuse -> fuse pve stats grey (useless)) are useless? Or did I forget sth? ” Upgrading will enhance the only primary weapon stat. So while using pvp+pve for all activities might sound convenient, in the end it is not the best option, as you cannot get further pve stats from the weapon itself by enchanting.


    Enaris - - PvP


    There is nothing more demotivating than spending all your legendary stones and getting nothing in the end. So basicly if I see legendaries are failing in row I just stop to upgrading before it gets frustrating and try another day. Definitely no use waiting for 30 stones to fail, I will most probably stop after 5. Might not help but maybe-maybe meanwhile get a few more legendary stones and I would not feel so bad about it. I mean for ancient parts, legendary parts need more stones so that will be…

  • 30 days mounts?

    Enaris - - Event & Shop Discussions


    You know, people getting perma mounts means reducing demand after a while, espeically with little to no new players incoming. And that equals loss of potential income. It is extremly logical when you shift your thinking to their income based view. More so when people start crying for perma mounts even if it is more expensive. Then they can swoop in like good guys and grant your wishes. What's next? maybe skins? We already had some time limited versions through events.

  • Black Firday 2018 Sale

    Enaris - - General Discussion


    Wow boring costumes, which you anyway don't see cause of transforms, and another supposed to be "aaaaw so cute" mount, which I'm pretty sure will make annoying sound as the rest of this type. Impressive. I guess I will still stick to some old gear skins and my wolfie mount.

  • Just make the event available for everyone.

  • New class in Aion?

    Enaris - - General Discussion


    just don't let it be cloth wearing one ....

  • New class in Aion?

    Enaris - - General Discussion


    Well 1 artist class is missing, could be juggler?

  • Quote from [NICK]rahnxah: “Quote from [NICK]dracumelspata: “Quote from [NICK]rahnxah: “Soft reverb > soft resonance tho. I wish i had the reverb instead that one XD ” but why its better ?for solo things i think the resonance its way better since you can heal yourself instantly + 20% attack/cast speed ” Soft reverb is better for solo pvp, and for pve solo is... redundant??? to solo gok makes no real difference, while in pt pve and pt pvp really helps, specially if you got some form on. Solo pve? …

  • I don't know what you expected of 6.x? Come on ... not like there is any company who could make an unpopular game become popular by listening to players wishes ... oh wait, there is.

  • Show us your character's FACE

    Enaris - - Art corner


    Tried once midget char, but nah, staying with relatively normal height ones.…3a94410264871c3f12cfc5aec

  • Keberium Thingie

    Enaris - - Crafting Profession Section


    From Anomos. last weekend got about 40+ ultimate ones.Pretty boring to wait for spawn though.

  • Ye and some costumes where I don't have to stare at my female character's underwear while running.

  • ye, gl winning the roll there

  • My group got Weda fron Nara a couple of weeks ago. It seems it has less chance than getting a transformation contract, at least I have seen those more often. And ofc you have to roll for it, unlike for b ones.

  • In 6.x easier and faster than ever. The choice is up to you, if gathering the goldbars is more worth it for you go ahead and do that. Not like alts was the only thing mentioned which could make it a tiny bit easier.

  • Quote from [NICK]dracumelspata: “i have seen many ppl with bard shields.but noone in 2 servers with Soft Resonance. ” It took me several duplicates from all of the other 4 legendary skills (including Soft Resonance) from both alt (Nara) and main runs (any instance), to finally get the purifying shield. 1 chest 6 possible outcomes, you have 16,66% chance to get the exact skill you wish. If you have no luck, all you can do gather the duplicates and wait for 6.5.

  • Daeva Skills low rate problem

    Enaris - - General Discussion


    Quote from [NICK]dracumelspata: “its like that they completely remove the shugo lol. and something more.Do you believe guys that some skills have lower rate than others? 1 ) make an alt 2 ) make gear for this alt 3 ) this alt need to be in the 2nd account 4 ) this account need to have gold pack 5 ) go nara 6 ) after 30-40 runs find the shugo 7 ) use everything to increase the drop rate and pray the shugo have the skill 8 ) open the skill and get duplicate.Soft Resonance have 0.5% rate or what ?A…

  • Quote from Psycho: “Yes! What instances U mean btw? Nara? If yes that idea is bad. I experienced this so many Times that shugo appeard after first 2 bosses (empty). Totaly waste of runs (for my alts ofc :D). What imtrying to write is, I thought in 6.0/2/5 we were supposed to Focus on main character, not to make army of alts… :v. But yes I aggre With you, we have to manage… ;d ” Well Nara is the most manageable one. Ofc course it takes time to get a shugo with an actual chest, several runs and it…

  • Quote from Appelsap: “like im so desperate that i saving up gold bars and im buying everyday even i do every run still no luck and im kinda demotivated to keep playing i feel like im wasting time on game which doesnt give the luck or doesnt want to give ” Assuming you did not have goldbars to start with, 3 bars daily with kinah, 1 with shugo gold from vending machine, "only" 50 days and 195kk kinah. If you are so desperate for it, why not make it in a more effective way? How many alts can you ma…