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  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Lahire - - General Discussion


    You cannot relay on dredgion/rt bags at all, worst luck I had was opening 43 bags, 0 legendary stones. We need sure ways to get them.

  • Quote from Senpai: “He did not say we won't have hero trials untill March. He's just not making any promises. When it is fully functional we will get it the wednesday afterwards. ” I think what people are asking in this thread is to implement ASAP the enchantment stones morph, which is ready, and then continue focusing on the hero trials. This way we get both, but also we get faster and already working solution which the community wants more that the HT

  • Aion Game

    Lahire - - General Discussion


    On deyla we have a gm online everyday?

  • If they put legendary NOT selectable, then it shouldn't be once per account but with a 1 month CD. There is nothing worse than getting a legendary that u cannot use. And for those who think about, what if they abuse to get kaisinel? Best case scenario, you get the same legendary each month, then after 7 months (6+1), you will have small chance to get kaisinel

  • Quote from Alibi: “Quote from Griver83: “And why not let people get random ancient transformation contract with every GP? P.S. even with 30 days cd ” Literally the best solution (with 30 days cd) because it's the most fair for both sides, community and GF and it's the most realistic. Following this, you'd have (assuming you only combine after 4 because it eliminates chance of getting a lower grade): -After 4 months, 16,5% chance of getting a legendary transform through transform combination OR -…

  • They should give with a gold pack 1 ancient transformation, same as they give the luna and shugocopia

  • @Galeas do you or your company realize that allowing this behaviour (ninja) to go unpunished is bad for business?

  • Quote from MaGa: “Quote from Waq: “give us makarna scrolls FFS. ” Attend siege and you get one ” what about the loosing faction?

  • reset of the gold packs

    Lahire - - General Discussion


    Quote from Senpai: “Quote from Nuke: “Unfortunately Galeas himself already stated that they are not against the people stealing bundles from the broker ” Nobody said they're allowing theft. Putting them on broker for a low price is at your own risk because others can buy them, yes. The only thing not allowed is the ppl with the scripts but when the low level ones get banned it's very easy for them to just make a new one and level to 10. ” are the lvl 80 main characters that use scripts as well b…

  • If u complete a board you will get a new one(random) so depending on how many dices you have, u might consider completing the board to get another chance for the good one in the last week

  • Really, if they want to get money, sell legendary transform and still be faithful to the "long term goal" from the DT4 why don't they put a direct sell of it, for 300e, and a limit of 1 per week or month? Whales will buy it, but they won't get kaisinel instantly

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Noctis: “@Galeas no full reward lists anymore or what ? ” Indeed not always full lists are included in news anymore. ” Why did they decide this approach? I mean, what is the business logic behind this, do they expect: Hey, they will buy from our shop the event items if they have no idea what reward they will get /s

  • Why feedback is important

    Lahire - - General Discussion


    Small reminder that feedback takes an important part on the success of a product. This topic is just to call out @Gameforge that even if a product is not finished, early feedback should be taken into consideration. Please, use this topic as a constructive criticism based on the "leaks". I will go first: -don't limit group quest to "a group of 3 players". You are basically telling me with who I can or cannot play. A group is up to 6, so just say in a group, then is up to the player to play in a g…

  • 2 things: horrible decision to make the quest like: kill on a group of 3. Limiting the game is not a good idea, as I usually play with my gf and couple of friends, so what should we do now, don't play together to get the quest udpate? Also, as expected, GF still thinks 1 legendary PVP stone is like 1 APE.... it should give like 10 PVP stones at least

  • I have been farming nara with alts and the normal and shugo gold from nara gave me most of my skills

  • To gameforge: Make keys 100% drop on dungeons and untreatable. This way people will reset their entries providing more money to gameforge, every one will get something put of it, win win situation

  • Quote from Behold: “Well thank you for this event and I would like to utter a simple and a frank question of: ARE YOU SERIOUS ? ” nobody is forcing you to cash, if you don't like the rewards, don't cash

  • Among other items, in treasure chests you’ll find the Night Owl costume, the Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone, the Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone and the [Rune] Special Transformation Contract. We want to konw the "other items" as they aren't anywhere present

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “Quote from twardy: “Sieges. ” But if i am right, only the Siege reward box which 'High Ranked' (Army 5-Star and above) or 'High Contributing' Players get, have a high chance of dropping Ultimate PvP Enchant stones. The regular/common Siege reward box has a really (like seriously) "low" chance of dropping them. ” practically all the time I get one of the top rewards from siege and I'm still waiting to see if ultimate PVP can drop from there or is just a myth


    Lahire - - PvP


    Quote from Kotoro: “Quote from Lahire: “Quote from Alibi: “Quote from Lahire: “That would be great, buy legendary stones directly with genesis crystals, ofc for a reasonable price and quantity. But please don't put on a bundle that may contain the stones like dredgion one, as yesterday I opened 30+ bundles and didn't get a single legendary stone... ” I'm assuming asking for direct legendary stones out of something like this is asking too much. ” Why? If the exchange ratio is adequate, why not? Y…