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  • Quote from [NICK]Nutter: “The "major" contract is in fact the same item you can get from the bobo coins and is a green ” So youre saying that they intentionaly priced a green contract for half the price of the ancient in purpose ? That must be a joke.

  • 7.0 First info

    Daeny - - General Discussion


    Quote from Kelekelio: “Do you actually think someone from GF will read your post and say "ow my god! this noname from the board must be totally right, and since we are incapable of confirming anything with NC, we will also start resetting the ranking from now on."? ” This is exactly how it works

  • 7.0 First info

    Daeny - - General Discussion


    We dont even have the ranking system adapted to the new patch, not even a reset like it should be, thats the most simple and obvious thing to do and they didnt, they dont care at all, so what do you expect. Korea had a reset every big patch on the ranks, everytime it changes the way to obtain honor points and the amount etc, its obviously logic to do it, everything changes, maintaining the old acumulated honor points in a new system that is not made for that purpose its just stupid and totaly no…

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Daeny - - General Discussion


    They will not work on that because you can clearly see what is the character selected, so if you dont check that is your fault.

  • What would be nice is a confirmation of the chances of that major contract, so we can actualy make the choice, makes no sense to have that one priced at half the guaranteed ancient without actualy know what it gives. And no, saying ''better'' or stuff like that is worthless, just give the actual chance or nobody will buy it.

  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Daeny - - General Discussion


    Quote from twardy: “Kinda pity I have wasted 3 months of doing dreds/rts/canyons/garrisons to get whole leg set and now every1 will be running in the same gear without any effort ” This will happen the exact same on 7.0 but this time with everything that is not ultimate+15

  • I bet whatever you want that if ever we get that morph of enchants, the increased amount of enchants needed will be the last thing you will care about, because it will have some other stuff on the list of materials that will not be worth to morph because it will be cheaper to just buy the enchant on broker and if thats not the case then it will be limited somewhat to a ridiculous amount like x2 legendary a week or so. I accept all bets no limit.

  • Aion Crash to launch

    Daeny - - Help & Questions


    Ask someone to save the ingame options to window mode and then close the game, copy the file system.cfg and SystemOptionGraphics.cfg and paste it on your client. You wellcome.

  • If you think its hard to ''unlock'' the skills, wait and see on next patch when u actualy have to enchant them with the same book as material.

  • Nergal will not be touch beause it gives huge amount of money, it doent matter anything else, if it gives money it means that works fine, learn already this is not a matter of population or balance, this is about money, they will not risk to touch anything if the money they currently getting from the server is fine.

  • Quote from Senpai: “We have events right now. They're not promo's. As long as I can remember there were keys sold on shop during events like shugo tomb but they were events and (almost) nobody called them promos. ” Events are the ones that you can participate without spending money on the cash shop, that can be called event or atleast thats what people understand, but there is literaly no way to participate and open the 10key chest without cash shop, thats a fact, so this is not an event, is cle…

  • We cannot blame gameforge because of the content of this bundle 1D1H0u0.png We know this is already set by ncsoft BUT gameforge can actualy make the keys more accesible for everyone, they should be given in huge amounts in order to be considered ''event'' and not a ''promo'' Because you need average of 50 keys (if all the items inside have the same chance to drop, which i doubt because some show up way too often) in order to just open the 5key chest onc…

  • Quote from Vichel1: “The problem with your "long term goals" is that they do not have a short term pay off to keep people satisfied or give a meaningful sense of preogression. What should be short or mid term is already long term, and from these I refer to basic progression that makes the player feel good or basic necessities that need to be covered to feel useful in a group ” There is also another issue with the ''long term goals'' is that they have ending date, unless they change completely th…

  • The only benefit from that 300% xp is that we can charge the skill from the minion x3 faster, besides that, you are getting less drop because your repose last x3 less.

  • The table with the cost of the instance reset with lunas is wrong, also not all instances cost the same, learn your game already. Also yeah, the key from dredgion is only for the guy who pick up first.

  • Order of gear enchanting?

    Daeny - - PvP


    Depends of two things what would be the best to enchant based on your situation, if you plan to play long time (on 7.0+ update) and if yes, then how many enchant stones are you able to obtain untill 7.0 The goal is to have full ultimate now as soon as posible and the new one on day1 of the 7.0 uptade. Depending of how many enchant stones are you able to get, you will be able to enchant and get more or less genesis gear, take in mind you will have to deal with almost double that amount later in o…

  • Quote from Tahak: “I created myself a litltle script that delet¨s every item that I don't care in waht order they are, since the shop is nyerk anyway ” Share please, thanks.

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “I was talking about "farming" of Ultimate gears, not of max Enchanting them. What i was telling was that farming of gears shouldn't take so long that even a year isn't enough to get all the parts (which happened before to me already during 4.x time). ” Well, that ''farming'' is basicaly enchanting the set, if you consider having +0 ultimate a ''complete'' set, then okay, i understand your point, but on this patch there is no ''complete set'' untill you are +15 ultimate,…

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “I just don't want a repeat of having to farm for a set for over a year again, resulting in the set becoming useless as soon as i complete it, because of new patch (which would happen when 7.0 comes out next fall possibly). ” Im sorry to tell you, but nobody except the people who buy multiple 80/80 acounts or the ones who spend Billions of kinah on broker to buy those enchants will have the current set complete, the rest will just be able to do maybe 2 or 3 piece ultimat…

  • Quote from Lemonzz: “I have full legendary gear now after 3 months in Aion 6.0 .... ” The funny thing is that you could do that in 6.5 in about a week or two max without using legendary enchantment stones, a new player that start on 6.5 will be full legendary in about 2 weeks. Even more funny is that if you keep going like you plan to, once 7.0 update hit, you will be in similar situation, all the legendary enchant stones you used in your gear will be wasted unless the gear is already +15 ultima…