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  • Quote from netforce: “ I see what u have done wrong.. i Ingssion u need do all campaigns quests before u hit 56. if u did turn in all instant quests and not have done campaign quests yet u dont gain any xp before all ingssion campaign quests is done. when u go lower udas u should wait for instant quests them before u are 56. if u dont, u turn in like 6-7 quests and dont get any xp. ” Yes exactly that happened to me. I thought the exp from before was add after I finished that campaign quest where…

  • I tried that and I only got 10% exp from the mobs.

  • I started a new character on Elyos side. My exp bar is on 43% and I cant find quests nowhere in Signia nor older regions on the map. for my next campaign quest I need lv 66. What now?