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  • Announcement We now have our own Discord server! The invite link can be found in the Legion message, this is to prevent griefing and trolling.

  • PvP noob needs advice

    Melaniesama - - Gladiator


    So I've been doing the PvE grind until about level 59, and I've heard you need to be at least level 65 to not completely get crushed in PvP. That starting point is not too far off for me, so I thought that I might as well learn the PvP basics in advance. I have a few questions about it: 1. What does a Glad absolutely need to know before stumbling a PvP area for the first time? 2. Are there any specific stats that I'm supposed to be focusing on raising? 3. Is there any gear I really need to get? …

  • Quote from ScreamCheese: “a bump for u and good luck with legion :3 It seems like a nice place~ ” Thank you for the bump and kind words.

  • Bumping this up again

  • Announcement We are happy to add a new Tribunus and Centurion to the ranks today, a warm welcome to Kirenai and Dzivlaba! Recruitment is still ongoing, and there's still room for over 50 badasses. There's no need for a confirmation to join. So if you meet the requirements and are interested: come join us in search if me and these two badasses don't happen to be online.

  • About Friendly Neighborhood Badasses is a casual, noob-friendly Legion. There's no real pressure to compete in ranks until we have a bit more numbers, just quest, craft, and maybe the occasional pvp if that's your thing. All you have to do is be active. The FNB have been around since 2015, and are now rebuilding after a long break from their leader and its original founding members. We aim to offer an environment geared to the more casual players to socialize and enjoy the game. Real life first:…