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  • State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback

    Sphyrel - - Suggestions


    Since you are talking about enchants, are those rates the same for us? @Galeas

  • Nergal Server

    Sphyrel - - General Discussion


    It's kinda meh. Especially the situation with Ereshkigal, they just needed to create a new single international server. Sadly, they should kinda merge Nergal and Ereshkigal. And yeah, try to fix the numbers on elyos/asmo

  • what is the best server?

    Sphyrel - - Help & Questions


    As a newbie, with the upcoming patch, you should probably go in the new international server (coming in 2 days)

  • Kinda couldn't read it, thank you, solved.

  • Quote from Future Will Come: “you missed something, check ” Can't find it neither in items or Gameforge features, if you know the answer, let me know please. I already checked this fast and rechecked now but I can't find it

  • I don't know if I missed something but didn't find anything about this. Are the old feathers and bracelets gonna disappear in 6.2, are they going to be exhanged for new ones or they will simply stay so you can have something to start with? Din't find any info about this and I was just curious if I should sell em or not. Ty in advance ~