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  • Ok guys sorry I got carried away, what I was trying to point is that there is APE monotopic in 2 threads, and in this last one there are a good variety of drops, as I said for example Prigga and bygone stuff is high demanded too and is dropping,

  • APES APES.... there is more items in the drop table, like bygone atreia chest and prigga one, which are top weapons, sure someone has gotten some by now

  • Quote from Lahire: “Quote from Galeas: “Hi, Sadly, I have nothing "new" about the topic. The solution is still a work in progress, and cannot be shared until it is good enough. .....I am well aware that this is not satisfying for you and that you want to see that plan right away to see if it is any satisfying but I don't have it either. .... ” @Galeas I'm not entire sure if you have a plan or you don't have a plan. Also, why so afraid of share the plan? If it's good we will give feedback, if it'…

  • Ok folks, take a break and deep breath. It doesn´t take a brilliant mind to realize we are keeping moderation on a light way. in the last pages I´ve seen 1) a minority group mocking, which is very similar to racism, forbidden here 2) a call for DDOS the servers, which, by strict rules is a violation of the TOS and can lead to a permanent ban. 3) some strange things like legal private servers, which is not welcomed here either. Aside from that, I´ve seen flames and lot of insults so from now on, …

  • I would appreciate not to question me when I give info. If you can find vendors on this item, you can safely trade them for kinah. Contains Cloud mounts and is tradeable

  • There is a "Large Cloud Box" tradeable mount from an old event, if you find a vendor you can safe trade that in the trade window

  • Quote from Kranos: “Thank you all for the suggestions! For now I have applied all the stuff you've mentioned. Don't wanna talk too loud but just ran another 2 Mechanerks and no black screens in the horizon. I'll keep testing to make sure these are the right settings. ” I can understand my last suggestions did indeed worked? or was the windowed fullscreen change the one that stopped the black screens?

  • Ingame Aion Options Texture quality > Med Shader quality > Med High quality weather effects Disabled sunlight effects disabled Bloom > off (my setting is type 2 right now, maybe changing it if you have 3 or 1, otherwise disable)

  • Hello Kranos. After analyzing your post it is obvious the issue is not Aion only issue, but I´ll try to help with my ideas. 1) in Nvidia Cpanel make sure: -3D config, make sure the Nvidia GPU is the favorite selected -One screen, if you are using multiple screens disable it for now -Filter Texture quality > Maximum performance -Physx config > Nvidia GTX use GPU not CPU After trying this if still get the black screen try lower the settings in the Aion options, I know you aim for maximum graphics,…

  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Please remain civil in the discussion, I´ve read in this thread a racist insult to another user and team insults. None of this is allowed. Just posting for the purpose of insulting someone can you get permanently excluded from the forums. Thanks for your cooperation

  • aion team ego/pride attitude

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    Hello folks. Some free advice to keep this civil: 1. don´t discuss staff actions in the public forums, PM the moderator that did it, or PM the board admin Sita 2. Don´t start a new thread of the same topic when a thread that has been locked. In this case it was MOVED, continue the discussion there. 3. Don´t bait the team, is never a smart move and can only get you excluded from the forums

  • As a general rule on Internet, don´t open a new thread when a moderator locks it

  • dead game part 2

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    Original Thread The thread was moved by Gameforge staff. The thread belongs there, if you have any complaints, feel free to contact the board administrator

  • Hello, and happy new year everyone! Please discuss the topic there: GoldPack Delays Who shall take the responsibility?

  • Hello folks. We don´t need 2 topics speaking on the same matter please discuss there: GoldPack Delays Who shall take the responsibility?

  • Jyu, Erik and Miieee. Stop the flame wars. You can disagree with each other without need of calling other names, (stupid, kiddo etc) This is a friendly warning. Further flames beyond this post won´t go without consequences. Behave and have nice day all. Leo

  • Stigma Farming Guide 5.1

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    Welcome nurokoko, thanks for your stigma farming guide

  • Aion 3.0 - 4.8 | The Last Goodbye

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    Very nice video, from the funny Tiamaranta & Sarpan areas, but everything comes to an end. Miss the Keymaster Dabra and Zumita hunt and the Asmo vs Elyos battles that this NPC caused. You got me here, miss tia sieges.

  • Aion Indirme

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    Post this is the correct client for your region. The other is North America. Download the client from the link I pointed. Have nice day

  • Quote from Desperation: “will be possible to fuse these event weaps after exchange by support?” Yes, I´ve done it in my templar, fusing Grendal with the abyss greatsword. Please note that all event items are gonna be exchanged after maintenance on 10th August not before