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  • Interserver: Fun storytime

    Neryth - - Daeva's Playground


    Quote from Melkor: “Ohh I have so many stories to tell. I hope my english is good enough to understand Once I was LOK with my Sorc. I was low level (70 or something like that) and then there was this lvl 71 sorc with scion gear. I had Fallusha/Apollon mix at this time Suddenly the other sorc started to flame me, because I'm such a bad player and i always make mistakes and so on. My boyfriend was with his lvl 75 bard also in this group and he played the same way as I do. The sorc said "[name of m…

  • We found our last member so the recruitment is closed. If someone can close the thread it would be appreciated

  • <No U> is a small legion looking for a one more active member to build team for endgame instances, PVP, and have fun together. We plan to keep it small, so steady 6 people We don't offer any cookies or anything like that, so if you want some bring your own. We often insult eachother in a friendly way, so if you can't take a joke-ish insult this is not a place for you! You don't need anything other than a sense of humor, will to improve and gear up, and points on a scale of bitchiness from 0 to 1…