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  • Quote from Jumpz: “I guess Evita will come here tell that everything is allright and its our community fault on this 1 aswell ” Yeah I think she feels she has already done that. I can read, thank you. I am not at fault for reading something in my mother tongue, which almost a few days before the event ends, is actually 'incorrectly worded'. The person at fault is the person that published the event information. The person who didn't bother to check it was correct. The person who thinks by making…

  • why did you change your name Crystal? Although it wouldn't of mattered that Aleutia gave you away many years ago, you always have to stick your nose in. you just can't leave us alone can you?

  • Quote from Kelekelio: “technically the maximum enchantment level is 255. So i don't know why you would think you would get anything at +15 especially if in the next sentence you have specified what you would get at each level. just saying. ” nice troll.

  • It's another middle finger to the British community, the ones who cannot even access or understand the German site to get the correct info, just as having a GM log in,in game, flame the chat then leave is. It's tough, you made a mistake you cannot just change it now and hope it goes away. Perhaps you should bother to read what English you're posting rather than a mis-matched google translate. Besides what are you losing by honoring this?Although you never seem too bothered about customer satisfa…

  • clearly states on event info :- How does this work? It's simple: upgrade weapons and armour with enchantment stones to the maximum conditioning level and the items will then be exchanged for same-value items that you can then keep permanently. It says maximum level, which for this is +15, then he goes on about what you get for +17 etc. So if it goes at below 17 you have mis-led people with wording for one, and didn't even bother to re-read the post anyway (conditioning indeed) To say after wasti…

  • They care so much they just take down servers without caring what's going on in game. pretty much sums it up.

  • Vote For Spinel Medals

    Seny - - General Discussion


    And I bet OP have their max lvl75 Ap gear all lovely. Don't have to sell them do you? Dog in a manger. I've got my gear I don't want anyone else to get it. QQ.

  • Sieges and AFK

    Seny - - General Discussion


    People can't moan about AFK dreg any more cos most just do quest and leave anyway, so let's moan about siege. And FYI, kicking because someone hasn't replied to ready is a little dumb. Say someone pops to the loo quick just before? They go and grab a drink. people have been afking at sieges for years. All those tasty afk ely/asmo to kill but ego > having some easy kills. It's the same with arena. QQ AFK. but i bet you love it if the other team is afk. Easy win. Some of you need to be looking at …

  • I am using this event to get a piece of gear as I ran out of time collecting cera. But seriously, what kind of enchantment rate you got on this event? Lvl65 out dated gear which only a few will probably want or need and I'm hitting my head against a brick wall. Then I read what else this event offers and as usual it's for shop heros and the people who say 'gear doesn't matter' Although I am not surprised. Things such as serums should drop in game like APES and it should only cost if you wish to …

  • No you are wrong- 5'* is all about profit. Why do you think we are getting these patches so fast? Think back to when we were waiting months after NA to get updates and now - We got almost half a patch instead of waiting for it all to be finished, so the Bracelets could be introduced. So people could rush and use the shop to get their serums. There are so many reasons why this game has issues, So many. It all boils down to how much money this game makes, although make no mistake this game will ha…

  • I appreciate that most here have their Ap gear down pat, but I for one have a char missing a piece since I can no longer get cera. So for those of us at a loose end, could we have the AP gear enchantment event even if it's for a week so we can complete our sets? No nerf on enchantment rate please thanks!

  • Look. I will have to repeat myself it seems. I CANNOT enter the rift instance with or without the stupid landing thing which surprise we aren't getting anyway. I am not the only person who has this issue, you are OK if you had a gold pack it seems, but starters and vets without GP have this issue. And yes, I got a GP hoping it would reset it and it DIDN'T c'mon I can't be much plainer. There are other issues that aren't in the 'bugs thread'. still awaiting on support too..................

  • Considering I can't get into the rift since Friday and no one has replied to my ticket, nor have anyone from Gameforge actually bothered to acknowledge the the fact there is an issue on here. No, I don't get at all.

  • I don't know about getting in once, I have no cooldown but it won't even let me enter once yet alone another. I am not the only one with this. Not been in there since update, tells me I have 0s on my entries in red.

  • Atriea pass rewards

    Seny - - General Discussion


    I was smart enough to take all mine *just in case* the night before, do you lot NEVER learn xD Oh regarding the AP we missed due to the little bugsy wugsy we had over crimbo, I suggest some of you check the shop and have a look at where the VR live. Found the rest of January's goodies there.

  • Go against GF, many trolling posts. Go with them many trolling posts. HAHA it's so funny. Shouldn't of cheated in the first place, no good throwing your toys out of pram now. With all the attitude, you deserve everything you got. And no I'm not apologizing These posts just show what Aion community is like, no more, no less. Enjoy your new games, Aion will be in a better place.

  • Same old waffle, picking out reasons why or how you got DQ'd. I tell you I hope gameforge doesn't change it's mind and makes an example of this, we are been plagued by cheating in this game for far too long. The way you lot go on it's like you have been banned from the game or something, hoping that your endless dribble will give you back your top ranking . nothing about ego, of course. I'd be very disappointed if gf back down. But it's time cheating is dealt with.

  • Well I don't know about you lot, but in normal PvP people will kill whatever, I mean if a person is on 'CD' why not kill them anyway just for a teeny bit of AP and an extra to add to your general Kill count? Seen many many people ignored without these events going on, or the same ranks being spammed on chat for being killed. Then another name will pop up. I mean you need to kill 100's of players and you remember every single person you have killed so not to kill them again? OMG. Even if totally …

  • People have traded and cheated since this game began, not just players but forts too. people have also witch hunted people, and I know because I was too. But my crime was to point out the trading happened nothing more nothing less. I never reported anyone, as it's only now I could actually record anything but people digging their own grave pays no interest to me. The game lives on the legacy of the cheaters and trollers and traders, to say it doesn't happen is nothing short of laughable. If no o…

  • mounts in luna shop ?

    Seny - - Help & Questions


    I would of expected the mounts to be much more to craft. No wonder we don't have them xD. They can't change it fine, they have asked for it to be changed.