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  • Auch this hurts guess Aion servers will be dead soon, who makes this ideas? Do they even played once? I usually "donate" 100 euros per year just to keep this game alive but as @maximos31 says medium spenders will not even waste a single euro on this , is to stupid making 2 p2w events ,shugo and gp elite system at same time .

  • I mean like , the changes they are making is just focus on pay to win, prob this lvl 80 veteran rewards will be changed in the future or so , new Prestige Points or w.e just make me think in on thing , benefit of wasting real money...

  • Why i have a bad feeling about this So this will make more people leave i guess !?

  • Where to drop Petra Medals?

    Alysia Yuki - - Help & Questions


    So is there any old quest that turned to drop this new medal now?

  • Hum i doubt is a merge , or is an new event or a master server that ppl r asking for ages , cuz they only talk about Grendal on ingame-chat .

  • Is the Barricade of steel Afk farm Bannable? i see many templars leaving the char at night afk , is not that they will get millions anyways but would help me with craft mats. Pls dont say it is cuz u think is unfair , i want a real answer, searched on fórum and only found 1 post about this.

  • akakak sry to say this but gameforge pls play the game and see our side pls, rates r so low !!!!!! This event is so bad !!! Enchanting a chain chest 8 apes from +10 didnt even hited +15 xDDDD and now i readed ur comments and saw +17 to get actually the item o.o thank god i opened forum and noticed that before buying more apes to do all gear +15 xD

  • Thanks all

    Alysia Yuki - - Deyla


    Sry to hear that, u arent the only one who gonna leave . My best friend soon or later is going, nothing to do anymore , to much korean style grinding stuff that u need to dedicate half of ur life time to actually get something. well their game their rules :asad: .

  • Gold Feather +6

    Alysia Yuki - - Deyla


    Want to trade gold mb/macc +6 feather for Gold Attack/crit or attack/acc +6! Ingame Name : Emyu

  • Is this 5.3 part 2? or we already got?

  • Why we keep the same features as koreans if they get 1 apes for 1$ its nonsense we have to farm like crazy for this and keep failing and failing. Apes from GP rewards r gone already just 1 AP item got to +12 and failed :asad: :asad: so im already broke and i need to start farming spinel medals wich will take me ages just for 1 item. why GF says that will never change content and then change luna cube for example, and this braking items that a normal player will never get unless he buys it alread…

  • They reduced keys drop rate ???? was almost on 100% after maintenance at least for me on big treasures, and now 5 more runs and 0 keys

  • Hi, is there any guide how to lvl this crafting? Im stucked at 63 and i dunno what to do anymore to increase the level to 70. Should i stay with the expensive mats from npc like crafting enhanced scrolls or should i craft kaelis items(that drain all my kinah cuz mats u.u) ?