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  • i guess def from aion shop bcs they need kinah. and since most of them can run only nara and ht they have to make this company implement some more p2w rng events Lets see what GF will have to say about this @Galeas

  • Aion Game

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    Quote from [NICK]ciotau: “? i speak for my frends and little people who support this game with money , ” you just answer your own question boy

  • 6.5 First Info

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    Quote from cequ: “Quote from Xanoa: “Quote from cequ: “In 6.5 it will be possible to change the genesis crystals for legendary stones? Somebody knows? ” no it's not possible ” So in 6.5 still only ancient sones for genesis? there will be no new items for genesis crystals? ” Since Legendary stones are crucial for the ancient upgrade there it will be no way for them to do that. Even if Korea will do that GF wont bcs of the lose of money income probably

  • Quote from Cookieee: “At the first month of this patch we managed to get 5-7 legendary stones from those craftable boxes and now when I tried to craft a lot again, I only got 1 stone per box.. seriously? why need to nerfed the heck out of it ” Because you spend to much money on shop in order to get luna. Now Get REKT

  • Happy Hour event?

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    So as the title say when it will be the next Happy Hour event?

  • I dont really see why you guys keep bothering about this game any more. Why dont you UNDERSTAND that here you will never gonna get what players want It's every think about the money here. I so suprise that you people keep donating money at this company that give 0 ---ks about players?! It's so clear !! You just keep speding preciouse time fro your life playing a game that is broken since 3 years ago. They only way to do something " that i dont belive ppl will do , either GF to care about " it's …

  • Quote from Surfas: “So we all have been struggling, farming mobs, mini bosses and even instances, and drop rate simply seems to be pathetic, It's already a massive pain that items break and enchanting rate seems to be ridiculous, would be great if gameforge could share a % enchanting success table! Since 5.0 I've barely seen any 80 Level world drop weapons for sale / on the broker, Library of knowledge and Garden of knowledge Drop rates are RIDICULOUS. To get one of those items you have to wait …

  • It's just they had really bad updates and did not work on the week point they had in the game .. and gameforge killed it by focusing on profit not what the players want.. This is the bad true About the 5.5 minios? Really? This is exactly what was missing from the game. we cracking love it An minion that hit 30k dmg on mob Cool i can solo instances PS: What do you ppl hear about the A2 project they had since 2009 lol??

  • Quote from Surfas: “Honestly when I started to play (again, as sorcerer) first months were quite hard for me, and I was not even getting invite for SWB and other instances, for no reason really just cause I had less gear, so my start was slow.. But now it's easier to start with arena gear / RT accessories, so I'm sure if you focus more on the game and QQ less you can enjoy it” Quote from Surfas: “Honestly when I started to play (again, as sorcerer) first months were quite hard for me, and I was …

  • Quote from Click: “Gameforge is business company not charity institution.” Still can acces upgrade folders?! Btw what's your point sir by saing that? It looks like im asking for free give away and not for few minors changes sir?!

  • Lets talk about the new 5.5 upgrade that comeing up for all the classes. SW be most OP class in this game i will get another OP boost on skills Chorus of Blessing Removes 2 abnormal conditions cast on individual and group members within 25m radius, recovers 2952 HP, and increases the effect of HP recovery. 1m cd Why the heck it's the Cleric still in this game. Jesus @Evita Never an f2p player will get the items and inventory that an p2win player he can get You will farm kinah to buy stones etc a…

  • :cookieshugo:Please all the toxic players make ONE step back and dont start to spam this thread whit !@#$%%^!@# things as many of you does. Here are many players they are confused as me about this Free To Play they brink up all the time ! So hello guys. @gameforge "team" I love this game and seems to be the only i can enjoy. All the time i keep returning on. I've said ""Nah , i am not gonna make this thread"" Whit the hope that they will fix all those p2p/p2w thinks but i see it's getting worse"…

  • Snow Flakes Event

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    The merge will gonna be the end of this game. @Event. I got around 7 shugo event coins and all have be failed at +3 +4 +5. Only once i made it +7 and i got 1 L5 stone. Curiouse isnt it?