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  • How to change alias in legion tab? The only thing I can find is self intro, but not alias.

  • Lvl 80, what now?

    zerghunter68 - - General Discussion


    Pretty much what accuracy said. I also suggest joining some legion. You could easier go to instances with your legion members. If you are more pve, than pvp player spend genesis crystals and get steadfast pve gear. You can get pretty decent stats from 1 week's worth of garden/mirash/steadfast gear.

  • Legion Horse

    zerghunter68 - - General Discussion


    Ye, the price for 7days is nonsensical. There is no normal way of getting perma mount now. You find some on broker from events or wait almost half a year to get mount with shugo gold. And the horse looks amazing, but it's useless now when only 7 days.

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    zerghunter68 - - General Discussion


    Quote from MarryCo: “Can u guys please fix your shop mailing system ?? I log on main char , i go shop , i click to get the 2 free coins (from event , for transformation) , and they get mailed on different char. How is that even possible??? And ofc they are not trade`ble and i cant put them in wh . If u dont fix this ppl wont even be able to get to 30 coins , cause it will be spread on all accounts randomly . *as a sidenote* this has been going on since the card event (at least for me) ” When you…

  • As far as I see it will be bad event, if something will not be done about the rune keys. It's 3rd week already, i have about 7 keys total in my chars, but I probably won't open even 1 chest, because i need to have 5 keys on the same char. As for exp boost I rather like it. Ofc it would be better if it was not exp from mobs, but all earned exp boost, just like energy of repose. Now it only helps my afk leveling in luna dungeons.

  • Ancient transform for free is great, even if it will be for the wrong class you still get more speed than green one. The rusty coin event is very rewarding, if you spend a lot of time in the game or at least plan out your day by leaving pc turned on. 2 free contracts + legendary stone for each 2.5 hours spent afk is superb. You can reliably get 10 contracts a day.

  • there should be a way to get all these daevanion skills by playing only your main, now we are forced to play with many chars or "buy" nara shugo from other players

  • Quote from klapek: “Quote from iSTAN: “Quote from twardy: “5 coins limit resets at midnight or 9:00? ” 9AM I can confirm. Last night I've left my char afk from 3AM to 11AM and I had 9 coins. ” any tips for not getting dc for few hours? macro or sth ” leave your char attacking training dummy. I got bugged coins also, left from 5am - got 5 coins, after 9am, got another 5 coins, later that day, i got another 5 coins on the same char. So it got reset 2 times that day somehow. EDIT Attacking training…

  • Aion lottery

    zerghunter68 - - Suggestions


    These kinah losses (broker fees, reidentification, enchanting costs) were created as a money sink mechanism to fight inflation, reintroducing kinah back with lottery would make all other players "lose" kinah through inflation.

  • Which minion is d best?

    zerghunter68 - - Templar


    Can anyone compile or give link to what each level A minion does? I just know that Hyperion gives 500 PvE/PvP defence for 15s 5min cd and base ability 2% chance when you are attacked to reduce damage for 5sec

  • Do rifts still apear in Heiron/Beluslan? If yes, then what is max level, that can still go through?

  • It's actually have pretty decent rewards depending on how you view it. Normal chests can give 10mil kinah, stigma ench, legendary enchantment stones (also shards, slot stones and other useless ...) You can get permanent legendary armor (can anyone confirm is it reidentifiable?). But getting perma armor from this event has bad design. To get more pieces, you just need to afk 7 hours. Make it that you need to play, to get more (some repeatable quests, dungeons would be awesome, but you can't repea…

  • maybe you are using vpn service and that causes problems? You can write a support ticket for technical problems.

  • Quote from PowerPC603: “Ancient contracts could stay at 12.5m kinah and be allowed to buy 1 per week, or make it once per month per character which starts on cd as soon as you create your character. ” I better payed even 200kk or more for guaranteed ancient contract, than what is now with those random contacts for 12.5kk and then see them fail to fuse time after time. I actively play the game, farm with 6-7 chars and I don't have any illusions anymore that i will ever have legendary form. Maybe …

  • Don't be afraid to do GoK, the worse that could happen is you waste 1 of your runs and not get loot, if people won't wait you. Most people can solo it, so you shouldn't be a burden. Btw you can join a legion and do it with friends, I can invite you to my legion, just make a request to join "A Pack of Wolves"

  • I don't know the full story, but it seems you are trying to connect to ereshkigal server, which is currently being "merged" (players can register for server transfers). Try another server. Moderators should have more accurate info

  • Magic Resist

    zerghunter68 - - Cleric

    Post Check out this video. It explains formulas that are used to calculate damage and gives tables for magic resist vs magic accuracy. TL;DR for every percent to resist attack you need more and more MR

  • Yup, another promo, not an event. The main thing - ancient transformation is locked behind many RNG layers. RNG to get keys from mini mirash chests, RNG to get RUNE keys from normal chests, RNG to get ancient transform, RNG to get the right transform for your class. From 6 chars 45 normal keys, but still 0 rune keys. Very disappointed. The flower event was awesome because you knew how much work you need to put in to get something. You could easily get 1 legendary item and if you wanted second yo…

  • Probably this is going to be unpopular opinion, but i think that ninja looting is good for the community, that is when it is constrained to one server. It brings people to join legions and play together, not with randoms. It adds consequences to your actions, yes you can ninja loot, but your name is going to be plastered all over LFG channel. But of course it does not happen when you take into consideration server wide. Why not to ninja loot when you play with people that you are never going to …


    zerghunter68 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Galeas: “ Platinerk will not be ready this year either. We are aiming now for the first quarter of 2019. The consequence of this delay is that a new reset of the Veteran rewards will take place on 01.01.2018 (as usual). As always, it will happen only on characters which never assigned the rewards. ” You all probably already know, but this is official news from Galeas