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  • Quote from Bardinero: “Quote from Goldiy: “12 empyrean lords and we know only 5-6.... Oh Boy Aion wont die soon. It it takes 10 years to see 6 of them ” No? We know them all since the beginning. The Empyrean Lords are split according to the following groupings: Five Seraphim Lords: Lords of the Elyos Leader: Ariel, Lady of LightKaisinel, Lord of IllusionNezekan, Lord of JusticeVaizel, Lord of FreedomYustiel, Lady of Life Five Shedim Lords: Lords of the Asmodians Leader: Azphel, Lord of ShadowLum…

  • 6.5 Enchant Success Rates

    Nagrio - - General Discussion


    11 pieces of gear +15 from +10 with 400+ ancient stones, some pieces went to +15 with 5 ancient stones, some after 50+, just RNG But, ancient stones have same succes rate in 6.5 rates like legendary in 6.2 rates, so, when I think about that, i would need 400+ legendary stones in 6.2 I'm getting sick

  • Quote from Diversion: “What happened in this patch, you became skinshy at GF, i barely see new skins after maintenance nowdays, you don't like me spending coins on skins? ” Yeah, I would appreciate some new, beautiful skins, but unfortunately, GF is limited by their lust & NC i guess ? Also, when is saw last "New shop/event clothes" videos from "by_SiD", well their not bad but not good either (my opinion) & personally i think NC are almost without ideas.

  • Quote from Argentino: “5.8 herbs of the king saam 6.2 slot stones ” Saam King's Herbs was at least useful costumable

  • Quote from Divine: “Quote from Griver83: “Hello ppl. I have an idea! Let's try some new system: Let's vote for next events. Let's vote for rewards (if Gameforge can't) Hmm? What do you think, guys? ” people will always vote for more and better rewards. If gameforge listen to that they won't make enough money to keep server open. So no; bad idea ” We don't want some extra thrilling rewards, billions of stones, billions of everything, we just want something, at least dozens of legendary stones, no…

  • Quote from james17242: “We also will get morph 10 ancient into legendary, and 5 legendary into ultimate. Limited to 10 legendary per week/ 2 ultimate per week. Finally some much needed relief. ” @Galeas Do we will have this as well ? I didn't see you mentioning it.

  • Introduction : Grendal

    Nagrio - - Introductions


    Welcome Quote from Grendal: “ I like all Japanese culture ” Another one, hurraaay,

  • Quote from Noctis: “Doesnt Galeas have a phone to check forum on weekends I feel like platinerk would have included such rewards but its taking so long to get added, it doesnt even matter. ” And for what ? To provide answers, like, I will request it to GF on monday or there is no news about that ? and then get hated by some ungrateful ......... in your free time ?

  • Can we have 6.5 enchant rate

    Nagrio - - General Discussion


    Quote from Kenziaczek: “Quote from Sparx: “Quote from Galeas: “We know it is a crucial topic. Therefore, we requested an enchantment rate adjustment to NCSOFT. We will get the 6.5 rates. We didn’t receive it yet and can’t give you an exact date yet but we will let you know when it can be implemented. ” Did my best ~ Sparx ~ ” Yeah we gonna get it... when...1 week before 6.5? ” It will be like with current upcoming Platinerk & Hero Trials We requested, we testing it, we don´t know, Nic BLAH BLAH …

  • Ping

    Nagrio - - General Discussion


    I have 70-150, usually 20-60 MS but i see sometime characters in T pose or in bugged run pose E: Internet connection same as usual due to speedtest

  • Wealth in Danger was there before *coughkinahnerfcough* you almost caused me hearth attack with that name of event. biggrin.png phew pinch.png

  • Oh my god... I love this race event, i last played it at 5.6 I think because almost whole 5.8 i was taking break from the game. NO

  • Quote from Strawberries: “Hi all, Where do we exchange the crowns we got from lucky dice now? ”…74cb300931eceb5a926eab3ed here

  • 8x Classy Solorius Cloak out of 12 +10 snowflake (prism) Amazing event really *unstoppable applause*

  • Merge before it's too late!

    Nagrio - - Suggestions


    Quote from VisionAion: “We need a merge, and we need a good way to get those who quit back ingame! It's important for Aion EU to survive! So please, do something before Aion EU is gone! ” There is nothing that could save aion from predetermined destiny. It's too late for that, i'm sorry

  • 6.5 First Info

    Nagrio - - General Discussion


    Quote from Zergie: “Quote from testtestlab: “6.5 improved get better rates at 0-10 on Ancient, but after that the new rates are like a 5% difference. Do not expect MIRACLES ” From 28% chance to 48% chance is 5% difference for you?(48/28 - 1)x100= 71.43% difference... ” I wonder for what i need better enchant chances if i can´t even upgrade that gear due to this dumb item…74cb300931eceb5a926eab3ed

  • 200 mobs 2 keys, then another 500 mobs 0 keys. I don´t care about this event coz rewards are pretty bad, big, horribly smell sh.... eh, i mean shells of course

  • Community: We want ench stones, We want transformations, We want nice permanent skins & mounts, We don't want any RNG GF: We listening your feedback. here you go…74cb300931eceb5a926eab3ed you're welcome

  • I'm so lucky today, i got that weird-penguin-wings from first box

  • Got one key in GoK from Piton. I'm lucky today