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  • Lack of content

    Grimmzard - - General Discussion


    Quote from Kroata01: “Hello! Don t wait so long on giving us new patches, new things in the game. Bring us the new rewarding, funny events that will make people occupied with the game, NOT THE AFK EVENTS. Bring us the hero trials that are beiing promised for so long now. See with Ncsoft if it's possible to keep getting the more of new stuffs such as instances, sieges, maps and not deleting the old ones cuz pretty much many of the old deleted content is what people liked the most in the game. ” A…

  • Sorc pve stigma build

    Grimmzard - - Sorcerer


    Ofc stigma tree that give most dps (Glacial shard,Flame spray,Summon rock), Green stigmas should be Cyclone,Arcane and BoQ (if u have bad transform and above 0.5 cast speed )

  • 6.5 First Info

    Grimmzard - - General Discussion


    Quote from Rym: “Sometime in March. ” In March Koreanz will get 7.5 already............

  • It will be rl good businesses move from them, because they will profit and players will profit as well (p2w -kinah, f2p-contracts)

  • Quote from Argentino: “and I have 1500 ancient stones that are useless for my team. would be so happy with an npc that you change 50 80 and up to 100 old for 1 legendary ” i am using ancient to +11 my legendary gear, trust me u will need a lot xd, its failing like son of a gun than use ancient to +11 again (sometimes u get +12 proc pepwepw)

  • Show us your character's FACE

    Grimmzard - - Art corner

    Post…22033608dcc23d4c73b24aa5a Cuz no kinah for Transparent XD (and its cute AF)

  • Runatorium

    Grimmzard - - Suggestions


    Quote from Ydri: “NO I suggest 1 100% ultimate stone. and need check droprate from siege box coz 5 top boxes = zero ultimate stones ” this

  • Superlaggy today, like gazilion ppl AFK in lakrum city cant wait this event end even that i did not get ancient contract yet (4 toon doin event......)

  • Quote from Rebel30: “really i dont understand some of u ofc it would have been perfect to give selectable...but the fact that they give a FREE ancient transformation allready amazes combineed with this afk event....its basicly free transformations....for nothing.... well besides the payed electricity bill xD ” Its not that i am complaining but as u can read from 70% of forums (not to mention ingame) we will probably all get transform uselles for our class or popoku/aquan gg Lets make Ai…

  • "Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts."

  • Quote from Rym: “The original event rewards designed for the overseas region can be found here: As the event is an overseas event. ” -Grendal

  • Introduction : Grendal

    Grimmzard - - Introductions


    aloha there welcome

  • Switch items for tranform

    Grimmzard - - Suggestions


    off-topic -Senpai

  • Stigma equipment cost

    Grimmzard - - Suggestions


    agree changing between CC and DPS is pain...140k to put Yellow stigma in out is lol

  • So : No Cat,Baah or anything "normal" reward from "normal" keys GF Event maker i hope u get part of your paycheck in a box wich can contain keys for your rest of the paycheck and your boss or whoever put that rng put same rng on that box....GL than ! will u still be working in that firm ???? man shitload of my friends quitting stop with this non sense events....wake up someone ......GG

  • Rest of the ppl also demand "compensation" ,because instead we go drink (and get drunk) this weekend we need to do all this instances again untill reset @ weensday !!!!

  • Quote from Rebel30: “Well I hope this patinerk change wont happen until end of February cuse farming now like 100kk for gp I need like 2 weeks. ” mmmmm on what server u play ? i have toons on Antrishka & Deyla they cost like 17-23 kk...that u can farm in 1-3 hours ??

  • Quote from Keymaker: “There is a painter only legion already on Deyla recruiting called The Painters Guild. ” Bob Ross Death Squad XDDD

  • Farm hundred of mobs near fort, no keys, but nothing strange its GF and their "event" lol so everything perfectly "normal" ......dont even bother to farm it, spend quality Christmas with your friend and family, uninstall aion, get drunk its better than lose time in this MMO HO HO HO Merry Xmas !!!!

  • welcome to pay2win

    Grimmzard - - General Discussion