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  • Quote from [NICK]tiktok: “ls dont put it in the shop untill you have +30%,35% or 40% coin bonus, because Im out of coin atm ” If it gets added it will be May latest. Quote: “I'm still waiting for those pastel coloured candy weapon skin ” Just to make sure I have the right one. You were talking about this one, right: Example:…6181ce54c4fce71ad9fb6376f or this one?…6181ce54c4fce71ad9fb6376f If none of the above is the one you were looki…

  • Quote from [NICK]tiktok: “But they only got the chocolate one this year + they skipped the white day thingy. ” I´ll have a look at it.

  • Quote: “When? sleeping.png @[GF] Mookie icon_item_scroll17b.png [Jakunerk] Scroll Bestowing New Buff Skills (Mythical, 60 minutes) ” I´ll check on that but when the items available it will be pretty rare for now. Quote: “Beatific Crown Please add this smile.png ” I think it should be available in April (mid)

  • Quote from Rym: “How about Mysterious Scroll? ” I answered here.

  • Quote from Sneak: “How about mine skin ? :< ” There are currently no plans to separate the bundle. Since the bundle itself wasn´t in the shop for quite some time I added it as well for April.

  • Quote from Kuroiz: “@Sita do you know if the autumn school uniform will be removed tomorrow night ? or it will remain for another week in the shop. Normally it stays for 1 week only but last time I saw an outfit stay for longer than a week ” The costume should stay permanently in the shop. Quote from Mika: “Is Versatile Dye not in shop anymore? Or just me not finding it? >.> If it got removed could you add it again? :c pls ” I´ll try to add it in the 2nd week of …

  • Quote from Click: “Level reduction stones, in masses. We need approximately 300 Level reduction stones for 1 set with average RNG. ” Quote from t0re: “level reduction stoines, level reduction stones 2x , level reduction stones 5x and may be level reduction stones 10x ty in advance ” I get the feeling I should consider level reduction stones as rewards.

  • Quote from Future Will Come: “@[GF] Mookie Would you consider some good items for events too? - Weekly Shop Discussion Topic ” Quote from Noctis: “@[GF] Mookie pls add water dragon skins in events, me need ” Actually I´m just sitting in front of the upcoming events. If you have any special wishes leave them here and I´ll take a look

  • Quote from Zeirie: “Lets see how they nerfed green key rewards ” Rewards have not been changed compared to the initial run

  • Quote: “None that you can rather okish farm ingame like the stone fragments you need for mount that drop 1 in every Narakkalli run. So idk, I’ve only came across this specific item that drops so rare ingame that it literally takes a “life”time to get 20 just for a stupid pet which costs 200 coins in shop (not this specific one but any other bag pet) ” Before I consider adding it to the shop let´s wait for one of the upcoming events that might improve this already. If that is not the case I´ll lo…

  • Quote from Click: “@[GF] Mookie put this in shop or an event please, I want to craft a pet icon_item_orb_fire.png Life Stone ” Are there any other materials beside that one that would be interesting as well?

  • Quote from Click: “Does it work like the old skill enhancement scrolls, it can give you the same skill again? ” yes

  • Quote from Click: “Is it one-time use or can i use it for the duration of 60 minutes? ” One-time use.

  • Quote from Click: “Ok thanks for the info. Is there also a scroll for Armor? Can you add it for direct sale? Cuz many people including me got cucked already by crappy +20 skills ” So, that topic came up on the German boards where someone asked if this item can also be used for armors (the same item). Our QA shortly checked the item and it seems the tooltip is wrong. The item can be used for both armor and weapons. Quote: “can we have a fabled/eternal version of the scroll? smiley95.gif ” There i…

  • Quote from Click: “SO what is this scroll doing? Tooltip says "for weapons". ” Example:…6181ce54c4fce71ad9fb6376f…6181ce54c4fce71ad9fb6376f…6181ce54c4fce71ad9fb6376f

  • Quote from [NICK]yianen: “Will Autumn School Uniform be back anytime soon? I got one for myself last time, but now with new gear i need to again since i will lose the remodel after upgrade:< ” I´ll add it in one of the March updates.

  • Quote from Kegi: “We got Box of chocolates that is only for men. Didn't know you were sexists @Galeas ! #WomenHaveRightsToo ” If you refer to - [Jakunerk] Box of Chocolates Men should get a box which can only be opened by female characters. Intention: (Hidden Content)

  • Some information regarding Kroban and other instances not dropping bags. Please refer to this post

  • Quote from Neko: “this too? do you want me to cry? ” Yes, it is also a test item.

  • Hello I’m Sparx

    [GF] Mookie - - Introductions


    Quote from Click: “Will we have upgrade soulstones and +12 manastones in Shugo game or alchemy event? ” Quote from Sparx: “I dont know, but wouldn't be pre enchanted +10 stigmas a nice idea? Should I forward this idea? ” giphy.gif