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  • Shouldn't the news about the event contain that information instead of that being only available on the forums? Anyway I have assumed they would be mindful of people that do not always have the possibly to be there by the end of the event and would leave the NPC's for extra week which is usually the best practice when it comes to events of such in any MMORPG. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Senpai I have lost a box of wings/shield because of that

  • Hi! I have just logged in after the reset today and I have noticed that both the flowers and the event NPC's for the rewards were removed from the game. As far as I know it is usual practice to keep the reward NPC's in place for an extra week after events which drop event items and simply disable the drop/ways of obtaining the event item in game. This is to allow everyone to use their tokens fully without loosing the ability to exchange them after the event finishes. How come this tactic wasn't …

  • Servers down

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    cleaners pulled the switch again >.>"