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  • Gearing Priorities and weaving?

    Skaarje - - Gunner


    Hi, AC set (especially in 5.0) will be good choice to start pve. You should probably prioritize aethercannon first because you will be spending majority of your time probably pveing in order to gear up for pvp. BM accessories are good choice for beginner, but i recommend you go for AP65 accessories as soon as possible. I've been personally using accessories from daemon token npc's for my alts, but they are mainly just for pve and since 5.0 might bring new pve accessories i can't really recommend…

  • Level difference has to be 10 or more when mentoring.

  • Quote from [NICK]nezar9: “Server transfer as paid service after or before 5.0 ?” Server transfer as paid service won't be available before 5.0 that's for sure if you ask me. However in last #askAion (6) video it was mentioned that it's being planned to be released before fall, but exact date still remains unknown so there is possibility it might take longer.

  • Quote from Rangur: “I just used a "Magic Defense" Idian on a magic orb weapon. As a result. it gained +20 parry. I know there are some weird mechanics like attack speed benefitting casters due to shorter animation, but is giving parry to a mage with a mage weapon that should gain "Magic Defense" intended or should I report this as a bug?” I don't think it's a bug. Defence Idian = HP/Parry/Block/Evasion/PVP Def + Physical Def Magic Defence = HP/Parry/Block/Evasion/PVP Def + Magic Suppression So o…

  • Hello, Please post your event suggestions to this thread: General Event Discussion Thread