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  • Shall i quote my yday post too? They have just as much clues about event as you do, so what answer could give if don't know it.

  • Meh, really this is like 20 times you guys keep asking same and same and same questions.. Didn't you understand by now that gameforge has no clue about aion? What answer you want from them when they have no ideea about what events they host or when they activate increased drop chances or not.

  • But everyone knows how to do that, so censoring is pointless. And in case someone still doesn't know you have plenty of source to find out not only on this forum.

  • This event is pretty nice p2w idea. You want rankings? Why would they give you rankings so you can clearly see you have no chance for something when they can just let you in darkness and you keep foolish buy arena tickets and other shits from shop in hope you can do it. If you would know you have no chance you would stop wasting money on it, if you don't know you keep doing it. LE: Just like Mookie said with nice words, fools keep wasting $ on our shop, you still don't have a chance but stay wit…

  • Discipline arena Training (1v1)

    tranq - - Cross-Server


    You can always quote w/e post you saw with embedded video and find out how he did on your own, but lazy is lazy.

  • Read what i said above, Silently. You don't want to get in your team these kind of players? Make a premade. Else you can't expect getting anything good from randoms.

  • We know what you say but none really cares... If you can't have a premade for pvp instances there is not anyone else problem, ofcourse when you go randoms you will get team with, guess what? Randoms. They will be undergeared, low lvl and most likely nabz, also you have high chances of getting afk persons there, who just joins for that little hp+ap. If you don't want to get these kind of people, make a premade and don't go random, problem solved.

  • Well, when people tell you twinking is dead you should really believe them. Or suffer for it. I have a twink friend can't wait for him to arrive home to troll him a bit with this. Also, this will most likely be permanent after 18 . 03 so don't expect anymore dreds where you go in and rape nabz, try your twinks vs 65 ones now. Twink rage incoming on forums, love this.

  • Whats your problem if people enjoy being slaughtered while they wear low level items or w/e ? O_o Its their choice what lvl they like to stay at and what items to use. Or some twinks killed you recently too often and you are mad about it?

  • You know, Yellow, you're always welcome to nexus ely side, Fearr may have even orgasm of seeing new girls here. And he's always recruiting for girls, you know...

  • Thats not required absolutely, just the ability to learn new programs. They provide further informations and details of using it after integrating in the group. LE: Click, than its pretty easy for Migol to prove it. And there is no hack acusation, is just stating the truth. Plus that since when a fair fight 1v1 arena challenge to prove who's better is considered hate talk? I ask for 1v1 and he calls me for 1vs300 at their bassen. And as for the FB who cares about it? Forum is pretty dead anyway,…

  • Well, Yellow, it is Mitr. But is pretty good at evading challenges. "Bring your gunner to bassen fortress everyday for 1 week during siege then I will think about your wish." <--- You and the other 300 asmos? Told ya, anytime you feel pro come fight me with this or your old sm which you claim is not "gone".

  • Don't worry, we know the reason you moved to nexus is not cause of perento jmr/kb cool story. More related to the rekt by ely part. Anytime you feel pro and ready my gunner is up for an arena match with your fearbot. Problem is there you don't have the zerg with you.

  • Sure sure, pro sm chasing sin in hide2 for using aoe exactly on their spot. Bring your old sm to arena training grounds and prove it.

  • Funny, by randoms he means his old premade with bersenova and the others who just changed class. Plus that your group have a permanent upgraded wow version. And who asked what gamefall thinks? We know how the reality is. And by could not find people category integrates your ban on Mitr? We heard about a nice ban story related not about could not find people. You can easily prove i am wrong by logging into Mitriele, if you can ofcourse.

  • Migol is Mitr. Got rekted in own server so rerolled to nexus with his legion friends, last fortress of easy mode asmodian dream. Along with manny other asmos who quit their server to go nexus, like the famous camels from EoD who are trying to take AS to a new level on nexus.

  • This would be nice: Thanks.

  • [Pve] Steel Wall Bastion

    tranq - - PvE


    Clueless newbye... People run it for the 4 cera + 100 hp and the mith weps not for your dummy mode reasons ap and set, lulz.

  • Kitsumi dont you see their shop its full? They will have to „sell out“ some other pixel items before they could even think about bringing new things. Pixel shop inventory didn't visit any shugo to expand slots, so is limited.

  • New Here

    tranq - - Daeva's Playground


    Its faster to find „friends“ to play with inside the game, not on forums. Also it may help if you also specify where are you playing... Server/faction.