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  • Quote from t0re: “whats up with : and its "shared CD" and its chain means we can summon spirit only after this??] ” Yes, meaning every 30sec except for the DP2 pets, for which you can't summon instantly (I have an SM on the Kor Serv).

  • SM 6.0 Skill changes

    [NICK]dotarium - - Spiritmaster


    Some details that none of the DBs indicate which I can read on the skills.pak Kor (live server): - Fears duration is nerf by 25% in PvP - Dispels remove now 2 Buffs instead of 3 - The 2 Substitutions absorb now 80% of the damages instead of 100% - Damage Skills of Pets gain a damage bonus in PvP (+715) el_order_explode_custom_a.png This Skill is an AoE, 6 Targets max. Tooltip damages for the Tempest is 8699 (for example). I see a stagger effect in addition to the Dispel (2 buffs) cbt_el_pet_inte…

  • Quote from aionking: “Well till now was 450 % 400 from event and 50 the normally one now let we see they will make 400 total ? I want to say that 50 % plus for a week counts ” On EU, buffs are multiplicative, so 400% buff on a 50% base boost makes a total bonus of 650% To understand it the calculation here is : Base Exp * 1.5 * 5 = Base EXP *7.5 For example in Kumuki at lvl 75, a Ginseng gives a base EXP of 75'190'497, so with the 2 current buffs it makes around 75'190'497 *7.5 = 563'928'733 EXP…

  • If I remember the Buff cake doesn't stack with the EXP scrolls isn't it ? :x

  • Weird, since the patch I have this option only after completing the whole instance each week oO

  • Hmmm not sure if you're trolling, but after the weekly instance CD reset it's normal to have to redo all the floors in ToC to activate the "only last floor", especially if you want your rewards :o

  • Quote from Erufuun: “I'm 100% sure the CoMas are aware of every crap Nic and Mookie are throwing at us, but they are actively advised to not communicate it until the actual patch hits, because screw our customers. ” No Erufuun, they don't communicate in advance because the are afraid of the impact of the announcement on the market IG. For example if we knew yesterday they'll nerf the loot of the HD Manastones, smart people would have bought tons of HDM+6 to sell it with a higher price after the …

  • I assume you haven't read the "read me" tab below the sheet

  • Should be off by default ! If you activated it with ARM just launch Aion without ARM, the client will turn off automaticatly.

  • Never activate your chat.log during siege, try this and you will double your FPS ^^. Writing logs is really heavy for the client.

  • Patchnotes

    [NICK]dotarium - - General Discussion


    Weird because the Live just showed the rewards of the last floor and it was 200GP + 15K AP + 80M EXP + 3.8M Kinahs + 1 Eternal Chest of Tower of Challenge ^^'

  • Dear Aion Team

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    Wow, the new servers were so unexpected that even the technical staff is surprised on this monday morning... Quote from Sita: “right now I only know it takes longer than expected ” Happy to read it was planned on your side at least

  • Quote from Kelekelio: “100 supps. Wow. Literally one boss in the library. Why would rank matter at this point? ” Hmm Generals can buy 2 minions per week in the next patch if I'm right

  • Quote from Ashandarey: “And knowing Aidps it will work for 5.4, but not for 5.6 ...Hope I am wrong tho ” The dev has always updated his prog in time after a new patch, why so pessimistic ? :o

  • Quote from Kaizero: “Anyone know if it also detects AHK? ” Why are you talking about AHK ? It's just an "auto press buttons", it doesn't interact with Aion's Client-Serv info and can't speed up animations oO. aiDPSmeter can only prove you if your opponent is using a prog that hack the animation value through internal Aion's data :o

  • Quote from Erufuun: “Let's see GameForge do nothing about it again. ” I remember GF accepting aiDPSmeter's screenshots to start investigation, and cheaters don't like to be accused in a group, they are not at ease with that xD

  • Best news 2017 thx o/

  • "Minion skills can proc Godstone abilities", on the NA patchnote. Seriously this is so ridiculous, because the reason the Pets from SM can't proc GS was "they don't actually use the SM's weapon", that makes sens. Now the reason these minions can, is what ? because they are a shop feature ?

  • Random lagspike issues

    [NICK]dotarium - - Help & Questions


    Quote from Necc: “Forgot to mention, hop 6 is when things goes international, and i loose tracking of the packets. Hop 2-5 are all internal traffic, where i have no issues. ” You should call your ISP, they can check themselves and see what they can do to improve the pathway Quote from Evita: “what does your winmtr say? ” winmtr is a collection of many traceroute, so the info won't be different

  • 5.6 First Info

    [NICK]dotarium - - General Discussion


    Quote from Spyro: “I red that the power of bard buff will be as much as cleric but will dispel 2 buffs ” Nope it will cleanse all debuffs (physical and mental). The Dispel effect has exactly the same spec than the Cleric's Cleanse Moreover the GF QA team posted these info: Quote from t0re: “100% not true, may be needs more dispels but if bard can dispel it with that , it can be dispelled with other stuff as well ” Correct, the new Fear has nothing special regarding that, jus…