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  • This tread has a very good chance to turn into another LFG (intra-server). Don't get me wrong i enjoy reading some of those :'D Thing is there is no proof that w/e u guys saying here is truth . Looks to me like another bragging/ *** size comparing/drama making /attention seeking thread. I just felt like to point it out, but pls dont mind me and go on ~ Ppl love eeeeet

  • Uhh im one of those "brainless" ppl who run around in siege just following commands not knowing any mechanics and how artifacts work, so i dont exactly remember at which point i all of a sudden became ally captain and in my ally 3-4 ppl left , and than on LFG ppl started to wonder wtf asmo side fully disconnected. So yea, maybe smb from deyla who paid attention can answer ur question ><

  • So yday during divine siege almost full Deyla asmo side got disconnected? o_O What is this about? Did ely got a massive disconnect too? Did that ever happened before? Its so fishy :DDD

  • a bump for u and good luck with legion :3 It seems like a nice place~

  • thx, STAN Hopefully soon (this merge could boost a chance) Spot is still open~ As soon as we find last member , thread will be closed. /w for info any of us: Senkei, Ekinar ,Setu,Tokageroh. ----------------------------------------------- Update: Found

  • Nice try , cept ur alrdy in ;3 Spot is still open!~ /w us ingame

  • What a fail, Eki It's Asmo side! Looking for our 6th boiii/grill. PM us, we DO bite! P.S. ty t0re for pointing it out~

  • *deep sigh* Here it goes.. So i downloaded iSTAN's files (Ty again mate, like rly) and everything is perfect all 9 packs installed, ran a file check - no errors. I started game and ... i got this meh.PNG I rad a bit about it and smb suggested to check windows updates (gosh i got 13 of them not installed), so i did that ...and if it helped i wouldn't be QQing here all over again >:(

  • Ty so much :3 Now just 21hours to go to see if it will work \:D/

  • Quote from Henke205: “Hi guys, I have the same problem. Tried updating Aion through the normal client and with steam, both did not work. So far I have had 3 different "items" that could not be downloaded. It also happends randomly at any %. Nothing worked so far. Is this problem being looked at? Is there any other way to fix this? I read about .bat Files etc, but I dont know what that is or how I can acces it. ” It's same for me. I managed to pull through downloading/installing with a help of my…

  • Yep tried everything,same error. Scratch that, i just got back from shop and launched it again - it finally downloads and i noticed its newest version 182 while this morning it was 181 , so i guess they fixed it. Hope it wont stop somewhere at 99% xD Yay?

  • Yeah believe me i tried to put Unknown as server and Screamcheese as nickname/name, and it still didn't let me to submit a ticket And yeah lemme try that~

  • Hi guys~ So i'm trying to download Aion here for the 1st time and i have above mentioned errors everytime i run the launcher. I realize it's best to contact support, send a ticket, buuuuuut.. it doesn't let me to submit one. The lack of actual character seems to be the problem. I described an error, attached a screenshot ,but there are 2 mandatory things such as "select server" and "character name" that i cant possibly fill (cause i don't have one yet :^)Meh.. Back to the point.. error.PNG Arrou…