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  • Game is roulette now. Some ppl have good form, lucky in enchanting gear, in socketing manastones. Some others still are in ancient/legendary without manastones, with all cast forms as physical class. Well done.

  • Runatorium

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    To add 1 more runatorium as before. To add 1 100% legendary PVP stone. It's ridiculous that PvPvE Adredgion gives x5 bundles meanwhile more PvP-oriented instance as Runatorium gives only 1 bundle if you win - 2, but difference is only in 1 bundle, ppl arent stimulated to make pvp groups and do it. Was suggested before, I just dont understand why it's not clearly for you.

  • Order of gear enchanting?

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    I would say better to go full armor first: it gives attack, defence, crit/acc stats. Maybe accessories are better, but you need to have them +15 to get max pve attack. Otherwise (imo) leg+15 accessories are better than ulti +0+5

  • The issue is you can't prove it has the same chances to drop for all items. Anyway, I talked mostly about manastones crit strike and other types - chances are obviously different. About shugo - can't say anything cause i got needed skills from very first boxes. Yday I wasn't succed in selling box, so I opened by my main and got one more needed skill

  • no more pve for you

  • Merge before it's too late!

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    in 2 ppl Aion7831.jpg

  • Still from my exp world mobs drop less crit+58 manastones than parry/block/mp/defence. Obviously chances of all needed items are nerfed, just try to farm more than just 1k mobs - try 50k - and more than 3 nara shugos - try 30+.

  • You changed sense of my words. I havent said that they need to give up and start together on some server. I just told they werent lucky and didnt meet each other, thats all. If you are afraid to be beaten by top groups, make your own? You know, it's pretty hard, unfortunately mostly ppl dont understand and dont respect it. Some "top" (self-claimed) players could join your group, they dont try their best, do mistakes, let you down, and afterall they somehow blame you in bad results. Many moments …

  • Quote from Neverfelt: “Server wide for pvp instanses is bad idea. All strongest players from all servers gonna match together and dominate everything. Game is already on a broken and unfair track. No need to push it further in that direction. ” Sure, better to dont go Runatorium at all or to go quick entry cause on your server there are no decent ppl to go with. And your argument is irrelevant: these ppl from different servers could easily play together on one server and dominate everything, the…

  • Quote from Senpai: “It's already been said multiple times that the entire internal system of hero trials is changed. The layout may look the same but when it gets released it should work better than the old version ” At least could set up old version while "updating" it. Ppl have been waiting too much and got disapponted enough by current wasting of hundreds enchantment stones without possibility to farm them normally. For example, today i did 3 succed Adreds (x13 bundles), 1 Runatorium (x2 bund…


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    I mean both: after reset and after change of rewards (so, 2 times before 1st July in total)

  • TS, do you do additional runs in instances? If you do just 4 nara, 4 HT and prometun/makarna - its not enough to see 1 shugo even after 2-3 weeks. Sometimes after 20+ runs its normal, just chances are low. I only dont understand why it spawns so seldom in runatorium (only once for 50+ runs) and adred.

  • Quote from Keymaker: “The thing is people are selling the chests for 20-30kk anyway, so exchanging that into gold bars is going to take kinah out of the game rather than just make people richer, which is a better thing. ” where have you seen this price? They are sold for 40-60kk easily, on your deyla ely side you even could see ppl bought (not sold) for 70-100kk

  • Already not first, but not last suggestion about this topic for sure. Sadly GF still doesnt see it, or even if see, it will take ages to implement since we are so much fed by Hero Trials (that already existed before, just to change quests it's too hard apparently).

  • Open World PVP!

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    And NCSoft supposes that we must kill chanters in AoD 1v1 Actually no wonders, chanters are out of balance nowadays.


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    So, still waiting for answer: will new rewards be able to obtain if we obtain old ones after 1st Jan?

  • I advise to use stigma ench stones from +5. Sometimes its about 8 stones, sometimes 40 till +9 (from +5).

  • Quote from Enjoykin: “Enchant system as on korean version(1:1),we just dont have enough stones for progressing. ” I know, but the fact Korea has it doesnt mean its correct and fair. in 5.* you knew that you can do at least average gear 75+15 and then 80+15. Usually didnt fail gear before +10 with apes. Now you can spend everything you farmed for 2 months just to enchant 1 part. And succes isn't guaranteed

  • i farm actively and have seen only one crit +58 for whole 6.2. Well nerfed by NCSoft/GF, and one guy needs about 100 of them for full gear. Idk where is logic