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  • - Added minions in the Gear Calc - Using ctrl + click equips a whole set (even if it doesn't have a set effect).

  • Extra stigma slot.

    [NICK]eleodora - - General Discussion


    Nerfed patch. The second stigma slot will be available in a future update.

  • Corrected The value wasn't calculated because I forgot to lowercase the attribute name x)

  • I improved Skill section. Now even more hidden effects are displayed. For example : 524-FI-DestructBlow-Custom-A-1-jpg <격파의 맹격> (Gladiator daevanion skill) reduces the CD of Crippling Cut, Final Strike, Springing Slice, Draining Blow by 30%. After a critical, it reduces the CD by 30% more, i.e. 60% in total. 525-AS-SignetBurst-Custom-B-1-jpg <문양 파괴> (Sin daevanion skill) rebuces the CD of Shadowfall by 70%. I also noticed that many sin's runes have increased damage and inflict fixed damage in 6.…

  • Updated 6.0 skill section. Some of the changes are : - <Signet Silence> is back - <Lightning Ambush> silences for 1-2s instead of 2-3s.

  • Sorry, I did it too fast and forgot to adjust the effects. Now it's corrected.

  • @t0re The shared CD are due to the fact that this skill has the same CD id as passive skills. I will correct it. I don't have a spiritmaster on the KR serv to try but according to the game files you can only summon a spirit after using this skill. @Neko I updated the website

  • I corrected the bracelet copy bug and the chain skills page

  • @thalico I apologize for answering you so late. I was busy these last days. Yes, it seems like Rage Spell and Ascension Spell were removed :s Maybe they combined them with another skill just like Supplication of Focus? I don't know. As for Resonant Strike, yes it's going to be a chain skill repeatable 2 times. @Neko I'll correct it as soon as possible

  • Hi Noctis ! Thank you, I'll try to fix the bracelet bug and save consumables/idians in a few days. However, I'm not sure about changing the alt + scroll. I don't like the new ingame item display. It's too big and takes the whole screen. I liked how it was done before. Maybe it's just because it's new for me and I'm accustomed to the old one. I'll think about it The 1 MA difference must be because I used a floor/round somewhere I shouldn't have. I'll try to make some tests and correct it. As for …

  • 6.0 First Info

    [NICK]eleodora - - General Discussion


    Given there are a lot of misconceptions about 6.0 skills (I just saw so many wrong things said on the /3 in my serv and in the FR board), I'm here to give some clarifications and to answer to @Balthazar question. Daevanion skills and old ones doesn't only share the same CD, they are the same skills. For example :…85c6d4d9e570f9b26be485a60 and…85c6d4d9e570f9b26be485a60 and…85c6d4d9e570f9b26be485a60 are th…

  • That's strange. Estima are saved when you share links. In your link, you put 4 estima +8 and 2 estima +7 in the Power set but none in the Accuracy set. Which browser do you use? On my PC if I use Chrome, I get an earlier version of the website. As for activated skills, scrolls, food, candy and idian. It was designed that way at first. However, I'm going to save scrolls, food, candy and idians but not activated skills. And don't worry, I use the correct form…

  • Good evening, I'm implementing 6.0 on Right now, I'm updating skills. I made some surprising discoveries about the sorcerer : - You can't see hiding player snif snif - <Magic Assist> has been merged with Supplication (MA buff) - At level 80, we win a new magic assist (<마력 폭발>) which replaces the old one and gives 30% cast speed - <Illusion> resists a single attack but its CD goes from 2min to 1 min. - <Remove Shock> CD goes from 1min to 30s - <Somnolence> is deleted - All sleep las…

  • 5.x title didn't give any stats. It's corrected now. Thank you

  • @Orange Ok I'll try in game and correct it. Also, thanks to @Neko, I may have discovered a bug in game. He didn't have the exact same value in the Gear calc and the game for the Fallusha book. At first, I didn't understand why the formula was good on the armor but not on the weapon. I calculated manually and had the same stats as the Gear calc. Then, I saw the difference was exactly 10% of the conditioning. It seems like the level reduction was not taken into account on the conditioning in game.…

  • Before stopping the game, I wanted to make a mobile app. However, the screen was too small. So, it was kind of hard to make it user friendly. I had trouble with the design. So, I discarded it and only worked on the website.

  • Yes, I'm back because of 6.0. I was really upset by the direction Aion took since 4.5, they always add new items that are impossible to have without cashshop or intense farming. Now they will delete godstones, balance classes and make gear possible again so it looks very interesting. #MakeAionGreatAgain Thank you all for your support, I am very pleased!

  • Hi, I'm the webmaster of I stopped playing the game more than 2 years ago but now I'm back. The last update of the website was when the 5.0 went live on the KR PTS. So, there is a lot of work to do. In the last few days, I made the following changes : - Updated the DB to 5.8 : added items, hidden skill stats,... For example, you can check how many PvP attack you'll gain by upgrading imageproxy.php <Boost Interpersonal Attack> - Changed the formula for the CP calc. - Added PvE Atta…

  • [Pve] Steel Wall Bastion

    [NICK]eleodora - - PvE


    No, there is other rank ranging from F to S (…%83%81+%EC%A0%95%EB%B3%B4). With more than 30 000 points you get a C rank (as seen on this korean video : As for the french post, we don't stay in the fortress. We divide into 4 groups. One stay in the fortress, two take care of the named and the last one captures the bases and destroys the dredgion tower to summon the fourth wave. You can't get 30k points if you stay in the fortress. Th…

  • [Pve] Steel Wall Bastion

    [NICK]eleodora - - PvE


    Hi, On The french servers, people did more than 30 000 points and got a F rank (as seen on the screen on this post :…-d-acier-vos-impressions/). However, when you see Korean videos from before 4.5, they got a C rank with approximately the same number of points. So I really think there is a bug.