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  • off-topic -senpai

  • You didnt close enough threads yet @Sparx. Keep it going, fill your daily dosis.

  • @Galeas Since I dont see a word about compensation, I'm going to ask directly, will we get atleast the MAD Tissues we could not loot since patch? Every 7 Tissues we did not get is worth a gold ingot bundle or a lv80 manastone bundle (or a transparency scrolls bundle). Thanks.

  • GameForge will bring themselves a merry christmas. Not for players. Like last year.

  • The cash shop food, potions, etc are fine. But we are talking about the Milky way bags you exchange for pumpkins. And this event was promised to be the first proper solution to transf contracts. And really, with the few bags per week we can get and only a handful of scrolls or legendary stones, this event provides almost nothing.

  • Quote from Sorayami: “Quote from [NICK]warcompany: “Quote from Sorayami: “the reward are totally fine , dont know why you guys keep whining about it like spoiled childs, i guess you prefer p2w events more ? ” such a nice troll ” explain me how the rewards are bad? The only exception are the transfomation scrolls, the rest are fine ” The amount and the chance to get useful things is sh**. You share the same chance to get either contracts or a legendary stones, with useless items such as the genes…

  • Last year you were able to choose what you want from the superb bag.. now they put crap in them and it costs 35 pumpkins. Heads up to the event manager, he knows how to troll perfectly. Its hard not to start flaming if events look always so unsatisfying. They kept their word on giving us useful stuff like transformation contracts and legendary enchantment stones, but its sad they put everything behind RNG. And also the amount of the items are lackluster. (1-2 Contracts, 1 pve/pvp legendary stone…

  • Hero trial

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    When its about being generous, GameForge wins the greed test. Its not evitable, we will have to complain later on anyway so they change the conditions and the rewards. Like always.

  • Well. EU started with bugs all along with 6.2 release. And dont forget how people screamed for their estimas not being changed, wings and gloves also missing. Shugo gold, ranger skill bug, luna (coins) bug, like everything was bugged. And right after they fixed estimas gold ingots and wings exchange, they nyerked up kinah sell and another chaos appeared. Unlike NA well... They took their time probably waited GF to fail and just not repeat the same mistakes as them, and thats why they released 6.…

  • NA economy changes

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    People cant even get more candy bombs from the charge stations, so why even be bothered by reward list. No use if you only can get 3-4 bags in those 3 weeks. NA reward list looks really good... And makes me hate GameForge even more. The event manager needs to be replaced. And there is still no response to the reward list, if it is 100% correct like that (10 pumpkins giving good bag) and if its selectable or if its a nyerk up. @Galeas please? edited

  • NA economy changes

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    It doesnt surprise me. Everyone here saw at some point, GameForge does not know what items are good, useful, needed and wanted. And thats why people have to waste their life in the forums to tell GameForge what they should add next time. And even after that, they give you 1-2 contracts, very generous :))

  • I dont trust GF nor NcSoft, so I expect the fix will be again a disadvantage for the player. I would expect that NC actually removes GOK bonus. (As they probably could not find another solution, sadly sadly) But thats just my 2 cents. I hope Im wrong.

  • @Galeas Can you please ask GF to decrease the spawntime and increase the amount to get candies? So far Ive been told and with my own experience, the spawn rate is to long and we get to less candies of the charging stations. Charging stations respawn only every hour once and they are only 1 per player. So basically people have to fight over them. Also you get only 9 bombs per spawn.

  • I need opinions from your adred experiences. Now that the boss has 4x more HP than before, its all about who kills surkanas first and then kills most mobs first and lastly which idiot goes for boss. Did GF think we are all already running in ultimate PVE gear?

  •…b61a53901dcbea9914b722c8a Found it in Lakrum

  • I couldnt locate them either. Maybe another bug?

  • The calculation changed now with the super fast special maint. Instead of 11x GOK, its 4x and TF is daily so 7x = endcalculation is 25x per week (without Prometon/MoB) and not counting luna resets. (We will also have special maint on the 28th, since there is a time change in germany) No idea if its intended that no pumpkins spawn. Im sure its bugged like everything else. edit: My pumpkin king was up in Mirash. It took 7 bombs to kill it (so be sure to have enough)

  • The milking period is not over yet. Our cows have to get dried out so they can be refilled for the next season. Its pretty obvious they wont increase yet. So please spend more money in the cash shop and maybe in 6 months, just maybe they will think about giving us more stones or higher enchant rates.

  • Confusing senstence !

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    So in the end they close GOK bonus. And ppl asked not to do it. Thanks anyway for reading your communities feedback. Talking to a wall makes more sense right now. The wall wont nyerk you from behind

  • 3 weeks of farming pumpkins. 1 boss per instance Instances: 4x Mirash 4x Gok (Bonus) 4x Holy Tower 4x Narakkali 2x Makarna 7x? Tiamat Fortress If you can complete 4x Prometon 2x Makarna of Bitterness Thats about 25(31) pumpkins per week. Edit: Im not sure if the bundles are correct listed, but last year you were able to choose what you want from the superb bag. So I suppose the better rewards are in the 25/35 pumpkin bags. Dont be fooled by the mistake.