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  • Polearm or GS?

    Nuke - - Gladiator


    The gs is a very good choice, I personally use it. Xanoa linked you my video which includes a bit of my reasoning. The dmg formulas have changed, therefore now you have two separate stats: weapon attack vs physical attack. Weapon attack influences the damage you do with autoattacks, physical attack the skills. Because autoattacks have been very nerfed it makes sense to use the GS because it has the same physical attack, a bit less weapon attack, but more att speed. The polearm also has 0.5m extr…

  • Bad shop update. The "big piñata" box is priced in a way that does not match the content. 50€+ for a bunch of items that combined can be bought for a cheaper price in game, simply by selling gold packs instead. Then my favourite: a tradeable transformation contract, that costs more than a standard transformation contract. Why ? Because you can trade it. Create a problem and sell the solution (for aion coins). Very nyerk move.

  • it's a typo, it should be obviously + pvp still works like that

  • 6.5 First Info

    Nuke - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ydri: “Quote from Divine: “Instead of trying to enjoy 6.2 ” where is enjoy? I havent 80/80 VR and 6-8 legendary stones from sieges (and time to time +1-4 from dreds/runats) per week makes me cry. At this night I tried to make wings from +10 to... Had 4 legendary stones from sieges - all failed, not +11 even once.Should I enjoy when I stuck in progress and just wasting my time? ” He's right, at least with the morph option you could get more stones... I don't think that the game works a…

  • Great to see skins and the free porgus set thingy, a funny one. Also thanks for fixing the reset of weekly transformation scrolls at a given time

  • I did not find it incredibly funny tbh, if you specifically target someone to make a gag it easily slips into flaming that person, especially if it goes on for 2+ minutes and it's the same guy in different videos. But that's just my opinion, it's not something I would watch knowing it's coming. On the editing side the text needs to stand out more with shadows or a different choice of colors. There's also something off in the quality / rendering as it does not look like a 1080p. My guess is you r…

  • Quote from Yoo: “Narakkali ->60 runs -> 3x Shugo -> 3x duplicate -> boring and depresive time ” exactly this: you have to farm something so important by using alts and running in circles... I mean they could've thought of a better and more rewarding system

  • Since Luna Light is involved there's a part of shop in there already. The Selection Box is a great possible prize, however you know it won't be easy to get one. I'm waiting for the event official news but it's very likely that you will have to farm the coins somehow, my guess 1x from instances bosses, and then try your luck. So with Luna you are able to reset instances as well.

  • Introduction : Grendal

    Nuke - - Introductions


    welcome and good luck

  • A new player - disabled one

    Nuke - - General Discussion


    I gave you a like and wish you great times in game. Can only suggest you to look into other softwares (for instance razer synapse, corsair icue, logitech gaming software, or the freeware autohotkey) to customize your inputs. Aion also offers an in game macro system, plus the possibility to create your custom skill chains. The macro system is old and quite slow but very useful for repetitive actions. You can even write a delay between skills in there. The custom skill chain system is rather new, …

  • The attack on the ancient temples

    Nuke - - Suggestions


    I think your idea has a chance if you get to simplify it and require less custom coding

  • Since you need 100€ for an ancient contract and 1000€+ for a legendary I think you see why they will never do this

  • Can we have 6.5 enchant rate

    Nuke - - General Discussion


    unpopular opinion: nothing much changes (though it's a minimal buff), you still need countless stones to upgrade your stuff

  • I clarify what he means and I also would like to know: in Ru they had a different 6.5 update, for instance the change to skills has been slightly different (see: In KR they had an initial 6.5 and then some following updates over the months. Cases: 1) we get Ru-like update (custom) 2) we get incomplete 6.5 3) we get 6.5 + the other minor updates ? I believe 2) is the most likely since we have always followed Kr

  • Keys from Ashu Dred are dropping for a single party member, as opposed to what stated in event description. Being a white item you are not even able to set the item to be rolled.

  • Sky Aether Key

    Nuke - - Event & Shop Discussions


    I loved it and made me chukle, that spinning motion is hilarious

  • I have found today vow of charge on my glad in nara from a gold shugo, maybe it's low chance but it exists

  • With VR reset now you can expect to be almost full ultimate, not sure about being full +15 though... it depends on how many VR accs you have but it's not for everyone yet. But to be at that point (I think you have a couple more ultimate items than me atm) you must also have bought the bundles from the broker before the reset, since you are on a new server. So you must have farmed a lot or bought the extra stones in other ways.

  • My ultimate chestpiece has drained me over 150 enchants trying to reach +15. It goes up to +14 every 20/30 stones to then fail every single time. In the end I left it at +14, defeated by rng. On the other hand my helm took very few stones to +15. This game has reached new trolling levels

  • reset of the gold packs

    Nuke - - General Discussion


    Unfortunately Galeas himself already stated that they are not against the people stealing bundles from the broker and that basically we are on our own. I would advise you to trade your stones at the market price and then move your money back by selling any item to your alt. You will lose some kinah on taxes but it's safe