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  • I just wanted once again to wish you all Very Merry Christmas this year! With this (my new)Christmas Video I want to make you Smile and Love each other ! Best wishes to you all ! Happy Solorius Festival Everone! [media][/youtube ][/align ]

  • That's great ! I hope you felt like you where taking part in it and thank you :D

  • thank you very much It is so nice to hear that you like it :)

  • I just wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year 2017 with my new Aion Music Video Smile and Love each other ! Best wishes to you all ! [media][/youtube ][/align ]

  • New Aion Autumn Video

    [NICK]dorciaalex86 - - Youtube Videos


    This one is for the end of the Autumn I needed to do the Polish song and I felt this one is very nice and personal for me so here it is . I hope you will like it even if some of you can't understand the words. Enjoy and subscribe if you like my channel [media][/youtube ][/align ]

  • Thanks Roxx :D

  • Hope you will enjoy my NEW HALLOWEEN MUSIC VIDEO! Enjoy and leave :like: [media] [/youtube ][/align ]

  • youtube.png Youtuber name: DoriAlex/Trinith/Carnelia Youtube channel link: Server and Faction: Barus/Asmodian Video content type: AION : Music Videos. Let's Play, History Lessons Uploading new videos every: month Something about myself: I am Dori also known as Trinith or Carnelia. I play Aion from the very beginning , so it is like 7 years now. I am a loyal player who love the game and love to express myself through it in my Aion Music Videos , like t…

  • How to put a YT window in forum like you do?

  • Hi everyone just wanted to show you my new SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO (all it's explained in the Video I will link here ) Hope someone will notice and appreciate amount of work I put into it I did it with help of my wonderful girls from Lady in Aion Barus FB Group and with all my characters It is also kind of goodbye Video to the current graphics before 5.0 update Also i invite you all to my YT channel for more of my work Enjoy and all the best wishes for you all

  • My New Aion Music Video

    [NICK]dorciaalex86 - - Art corner


    I Just wanted to share with you guys my New Aion Music Video that I made in cooperation with wonderful girls from Lady In Aion Barus Group Hope you will enjoy it

  • Lets Play Guide

    [NICK]dorciaalex86 - - Guides


    Hi guys I got a request from Roxx to post the link to my Let's play series in this thread so here it is :) I will post the link to the intro episode .All the rest of them you can find when you click to my channel. I hope those series and the things I am explaining in them will be helpful to someone Have fun playing best wishes to all :)