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  • It's okay to discuss things which may seem unfair or wrong, but keep it civilized. - Don't start accusing each other for things you have no proof of. - If you do have proof, report it to support, but keep it out of the forums. No Naming and Shaming. - Don't start insulting each other. I know this topic tends to heat up rather fast, but consider this a final warning or the topic will be closed and warnings will be issued. - Kabraxis PS. Please stop quoting long messages or dozens of other quotes,…

  • What do you think of these events? Please use this thread to provide feedback - Kabraxis Polls: Hey there, you can find new polls in the news section. -sorry but we had to cancel the previous one as we can't divide the votes. Vote for the Lucky Dice Event Poll here Vote for the Solorius Lottery Event here -Anemsalok

  • Please use this thread to discuss the Return of the Shugo Imperial Tomb event. - Kabraxis

  • Then you do best to ignore it. - Kabraxis

  • Screenshots freezes the game

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    Quote from [NICK]eyvind: “So now it has been 7 months and no feedback, nor solved in 5.0. Will try and ask again -> has this been reported yet? Still occurs, tested on two different computers, one with AMD and one with Nvidia GPU's (SLI). Edit: tested on W7 + W10” I personally haven't gotten this issue anymore for quite a while and my screenshot directory is rather big. Did you modify an files in the client? It could be as simple as enabling the chat log or messing around with graphic settings. …

  • Quote from Click: “Kabraxis, in some former AskAion videos Nic told us that Gameforge will check about implementing Japanese and Korean Soundpacks directly in the launcher to chose from (like German, English, Polish,...), as well as the corresponding hit fonts. With that and the GFL launcher already booting the game with 64Bit client, I see no need anymore to launch from Batch File and can use the launcher as it is wanted by Gameforge. So my question, any news on that almost 4 year old topic?” I…

  • Balanced ?!

    Kabraxis - - Cross-Server


    Please tone down and show respect for your fellow players. - Kabraxis

  • I think prices will actually rise. The only reason I'm able to properly get them up to this level is because I buy cheap +1, +2 and +3 stones. I've done a quick calculation and you need 3^9 manastones for +10, ex all other mats, this is 19683 +1 manastones or 2187 +3 stones. Luckily you can easily get +2 and +3 stones too, but I've used up over 1k of the gold glowing crafting things already and that's just +6. Given nobody sockets them yet, there's more supply than demand, that means prices will…

  • Quote from Noctis: “120 coins for 1 +5 manastone ? dayummmmmmmm” I've currently spent ~300m on manastones and morphing materials and I got 2 +6 accuracy and 2 +knowledge and roughly 3 +6 power inc. A goldpack (99 coins) is roughly 80~90m where I play so you can do the maths. - Kabraxis

  • Quote from Click: “Dunno if I'm allowed to ask, but does anybody know, what parameter I have to add to my batch to have GameForge exclusive quest icon + window ingame? Currently I can only access it with starting game from launcher but it barbecues my Korean voices all the time :wacko:” We can't answer this question because you're supposed to launch the game via the launcher. - Kabraxis

  • What I notice on the server I play, is that a lot of transformers simply go solo for maximum HP rewards so they keep their transform so they can solo sieges. This is not in the best interest of the community, especially not their own faction. According to powerbook, 5.3 will come with a new siege system which is instanced. Everyone is forced into a league or alliance if I understood it correctly. It also seems like people get new transformations for that siege which aid the whole alliance. Next …

  • Using the shop from the inventory or via an NPC? - Kabraxis

  • Just found another funny glitch when selecting an enemy faction player FZ1rIr6.png - Kabraxis

  • Quote from Rangur: “Concerning the Gameforge-created Hero Test System: I logged a level 65 Chanter today and pressed the Hero Test button to check what the three quests would be. The middle and lower entries were fine, but the upper one said "This Hero Test is first available from level 65 onwards". It seems like that specific quest has a wrong level requirement (66 instead of 65 maybe?). EDIT: Just found a post about this in the german board, a level 67 reported the same issue.” I'm not entirel…

  • 5.0 screen distortion.

    Kabraxis - - Help & Questions


    The bug has been forwarded, please use [5.0] Bugs and Issues Collection if you have any other remarks for this bug. - Kabraxis

  • Quote from esset23: “Noble APES do not crit enchant after +15. Got the wings +16 after using 1 of these. i was like really??” This was already the behavior in 4.91 and is working as intended. Quote from Click: “Is this intended: 988EJoB.png I am 4* Officer, so that -49 come from the daily deduction xD” This is being investigated. Quote from Quon: “An Aethertech wearing a head accessory will be unable to press the dismount button on the plastic surgery screen, like this: P5d6TzB.jpg Probably only…

  • 5.0 screen distortion.

    Kabraxis - - Help & Questions


    This looks really weird indeed - Kabraxis

  • Quote from Erik: “My abyss 60 shield skin has red glow like the asmodian one, but my friend didn't see the red glow so idk what makes it red for me :'(” Could be related to the graphic setting "Shader Quality". Check if they are the same and if changing this helps. - Kabraxis

  • Did you buy the dreaming mad grendal gear from the broker/npc? If so, those had to be made +10 in order to be kept. All parts that are not +10 or higher were removed during maintenance as the event has ended. - Kabraxis

  • Quote from [NICK]katatau: “Hi! It is incredible! I'm being punished for moderation by posting this problem on the forum. I can not create a topic about bugs or anywhere in the forum why they do not leave. Hugs.” You're not being punished, your post is there but it was simply awaiting approval. In your case it's because of anti-spam measurements that your post was detected. - Kabraxis